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This is my first-ever blog. I have rambled many times in my weekly s to my group, but never organized my thoughts this way. I guess I always thought that bloggers are experts and I never considered myself an expert in anything. Unless you count failed relationships. My life is a pattern of failures when it comes to relationships with the opposite gender. Are you nodding your head right now? Well, unless you are happily married or widowed, your last relationship probably failed at some point probably at the end, lol.

So why all the failure? You could say that I started a group for failures, with me being the biggest loser. In our walk with the Lord, we can try to do it on our own, but the journey is so much better when done with others. I have found that not every Christian single person wants to be in a relationship. Some are fresh out of a relationship and are wisely taking time off to heal. Others that are beyond the healing stage are just enjoying life with the new friendships they have made and are in no hurry to get back out into the dating world.

They just want a safe atmosphere to be in the stage they want without any pressure to be otherwise. Some will go onto eHarmony because it is a non-negotiable to date another Christian. Then there are those single Christians who are ready for a relationship, are putting online dating on the back burner, but want to create solid friendships with other believers. Glad you asked again. Haha, just kidding guys. I think the advantage to getting to know people in a group setting is that you can see people over several events, you can see how they interact with others and can probably even find out how they treat their mother.

You can do all this without the other person knowing you may be interested. No breakup necessary. Out of the wide variety of events I support, Sunday morning church is at the top of my list. I feel true empathy for singles that do not like to go to church alone.

I always say that your group does not take the place of a church, Meetup dallas christian singles a good one will steer you to one. I think what attracts so many people to groups like DCS is that word gets around that we create a safe environment for our members.

Why is that important? We try to add that level of security so that our members feel it is safe to explore deep friendships with members of both genders without people getting the wrong idea about intentions. A great group should put faith first and foremost and do everything to keep that environment where God is freely discussed at events. What other non-church groups especially Meetup groups can make that claim? It is a plug for God. Fred Pascarelli is a divorced father of 2 college students, currently living in Florida after 35 years in the DFW area.

He works as a software developer, working from home, which allows great flexibility of travel. Passions are travel, playing baseball, Christian fellowship and enjoying the beautiful nature that God has created. He founded Dallas Meetup dallas christian singles Singles meetup group in to bring people together from all area cities and churches. Blessings, Fred Pascarelli. Dallas Christian Singles.

Meetup dallas christian singles

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