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Efrain is our fitness and health expert. Mens hobbies top ten lives in Southern California and on weekends, you can find him fishing Read Full Bio. More about Mantelligence 's Editorial Process. I get it. Coming home after work, and then using your free time to sit around playing video games and watching TV. Using free time to learn new skills, have new experiences, and intentionally make yourself a better man? This wide range of hobbies for men are of all sorts of guys, to help pass the free hours away and give you more to talk about.

Here are your straight up 25 best fun manly hobbies. If you are looking for something to choose right out of a hat and get to it, this is the list for you. Spear fishing is much more like hunting game than traditional fishing with a line. When you spear fish, you actually become an underwater hunter … using a spear gun, you hunt fish as large as 20 pounds. Of course, to a lot of guys, the best part of this hobby is eating the hobby's end result and knowing that the more you practice, the better you hunt Martial arts judo, jujutsu, taekwondo, krav maga, etc.

Not only are most martial arts an incredible full-body workout which is why so many gyms have classes based on them Does it get any more manly than racing cars? There are probably plenty of tracks around to tear up some road and release your need for speed. Offroading is exactly what is sounds like: navigating rough, rocky, uneven, muddy terrain off the paved ro. Be sure to research the location you plan to navigate, to ensure your vehicle can handle it, and always go with multiple vehicles to get you out of a tight spot literally.

Hiking is an incredibly simple hobby that any man can do. It gives you great exercise, lets you experience new places, and can even be a highly social hobby or great date idea! What else could be a more straightforward manly way to spend your free time? Fencing is an ancient form of sword fighting Both styles combine strategy, athleticism and technique… making it a great hobby for men to try. Wind, sun, exercise: windsurfing has it all. Bouldering is a more extreme form of rock climbing … you scale smaller rocks under 15ft.

It can feel like a much more natural way to climb… and it's a fun, extreme hobby for adventurous men. Just like rock climbing, you can boulder indoors, in a climbing gym, or outdoors on an actual boulder. When you backpack, you carry everything you Mens hobbies top ten to survive in the wilderness on your back. Backpacking can last a few days backpack camping or up to a few months backpack travelling.

For those of us born with a love of sports but no skill to play them, refereeing still lets you be part of the game. Horseback riding allows you to truly get in touch with nature … not only by being outside, but by depending on a formerly wild animal to get you around. This is something we really love here at Mantelligence. You get to play with new toys and help others pick the best ones. And a model plane is a great way to enjoy the miracle of flight in miniature form. Plus… you get to control everything with your remote.

You can get everything from a miniature prop plane to an actual jet-fuel-powered model F Editorial note: this is a link you can use for a video Imagine piloting that thing around while doing cool loops and barrel rolls.

And boxing is a manly tradition that dates back thousands of years. So why not step into the ring and try a few rounds? Being an amateur radio enthusiast involves using the airwaves to transmit messages to other enthusiasts around the world. They even have their own technical language… but they are always willing to help new people get Mens hobbies top ten ham radio.

And a supportive community and a valuable skill are always great when it comes to choosing your hobby. You do need a in most places to operate an amateur radio broadcast. Running is one of the easiest hobbies to start … all you need is a pair of running shoes. Running is also one of the healthiest hobbies, both your physically and mentally. Physically, it can:. It takes some knowledge and skill, but the finally product is worth it.

Think of all the great evenings you can have sharing your own wine. Hunting is something that men have done from the beginning of human history. Lots of guys have memories of hunting with their d or grandfathers. The skills you need to survive in the wild are ones that men used to depend on to make it through the day. And think about it:. Developing basic survival skills is an awesome way to get out in nature and be part of keeping those traditions alive for another generation. Not to mention the fact that it can be a great date idea.

And surfing is not only a ton of fun… but a great workout as well. It combines the cardio of Mens hobbies top ten with the core work out of balancing on a surfboard. Some people struggle to stick with a hobby because they want more from it than just the activity. Basically, they want hobbies that make money. Try a few of these and have a blast while making a little cash. Tell people what you think and get some money for it. You may even get some free samples out of it. Imagine being able to produce your own unique, delicious scotch or bourbon Distilling can be insanely fun, especially if you create and test your products with friends Blacksmithing is the ancient art of forging metal into a usable form.

During the medieval period, the blacksmith was the heart of a village… making swords, armor, and farm tools for the people. Modern-day blacksmiths still command a lot of respectbut mostly through producing custom metal pieces and fine art. The fact that blacksmithing is somewhat of a lost art makes it an even better hobby… because I can guarantee that very few men you know can create beautiful things out of metal with their bare hands.

For the computer whizzes out there, programming is a fun way to code constructivelyand for some extra income. Real, classic men throughout history have been able to provide for loved ones with nothing but their hands. They could build cabins, furniture, wagons, etc. It can easily turn into a side business, or even a career like cabinetry or interior finishing… earning money, in the manliest way.

Home brewing is exactly what it sounds like: the process of making your own beer at home. When you start home brewing, I recommend buying a pre-made starter kit like this one. These kits are pretty inexpensive, and come with the equipment, ingredients and instructions you need for your first brew.

For those of us who actually enjoyed studying grammar in school, this is a great way to make money while getting some reading in. Mens hobbies top ten probably think investing is way too complicated to be a hobby, right? Just remember that learning how to invest is always a good idea. I mean think about it … what other hobby lets you develop these kind of powerful financial skills? Lock picking is a hobby that combines the satisfaction of developing a unique skill with a sense of adventure.

But being able to do it anyway makes it all the more impressive. You can rig your house up to do things like turn the lights on for you… and even build your own gadgets or robots. Learning to code computers is an extremely powerful thing in this age of technology. Plus… once you master coding those possibilities open up even more. In fact… an expert coder can do amazing things with the right code. Another way to use your artistic skills and leave a permanent artistic mark on someone. You can make a surprisingly good amount of money coaching kids in a sport you love.

Anyone can pick up a camera and start snapping photos. But to really become a master photographer which means learning how to play light and filters to get incredible photos takes a lot of practice. And you can still capture great memories or beautiful moments while you hone your skills.

Ceramics is a truly hands-on art form, where you can create something three-dimensional that can be both beautiful and useful. There are many forms of ceramics, but the most popular is probably wheel throwing You can make objects like bowls, candlesticks, or decorative items. Stone working is the art of shaping stone with traditional hand tools. There are so many incredible things that you can make with those ancient stone working techniques. You can make ornate stone art or tiles … Or even make decorative handles for tools.

You can easily make a lot of money as a master stone carver … Selling your work to make a living in an incredibly manly way. Making electronic music is a hobby that combines a chance to develop musical skills with an opportunity to learn more about computers. So much of the furniture we use these days is cheap and mass-produced.

But check this out:. Acting on the stage is a chance to get a sense of the thrill of performing. And you get to bond with a troupe of local actors. But moving past your barriers and becoming a stronger person is what a good hobby is all about.

Mens hobbies top ten

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