Merle pit bull

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Pitbull puppies are adorable which makes them a popular choice for adopters. They are also readily available at most animal shelters. While shelter dogs are often a pitbull mix, a popular style of pitbull people look to breeders for is the merle. This coloring is often referred to as dappled or mottled.

It describes a coat that is one color throughout with splotches of another color. Merle is a genetic marker that in differences in pigmentation so it can be achieved through breeding. Merle is not the same as brindle. Where merle is random and in splotches or Merle pit bull, brindle is generally more uniform. This occurs when a brown dog has small stripes of black or brown. It can look tiger-like. Some brindles have uniform patterning throughout the dog whereas others have patches that are brindle. Plenty of breeds see evidence of merle coloring, not just pits. Common breeds that have the merle gene include:.

In order for a pitbull to have merle coloring it must have a specific genetic marker: the merle gene. Some people have mixed pitbulls with Catahoula Leopard Dogs to gain the coloring. Generally speaking, a pitbull is not purebred if it has this coloring. First, since it does not occur naturally in the breed, the gene must be introduced somewhere down the breeding line. Second, a pit with merle coloring can no longer be registered or recognized in an effort to discourage breeding for the color. The American Dog Breeders Association and many other reputable organizations have stopped recognizing merle Merle pit bull.

It also brings with it ificant risk for reduced vision and hearing in dogs. Genetics looks at what happens when two members of the same species create offspring. The way their genes match up determine things like whether hair is straight or curly or their eyes are blue or brown. In dogs, a single merle gene causes the coloring pattern: dapples, splotches or a mottled look.

Some breeders choose to breed two dogs with the gene, creating litters of double merles. But this is dangerous. What happens? Some pits with merle coloring are perfectly fine and live healthy lives. That said, the ones that are born not healthy are usually killed or abandoned and end up dying. Those who are adopted from shelters or taken off breeders hands are not necessarily unhealthy but do have genetic issues such as vision and hearing loss. Dogs learn a great deal from seeing and hearing.

I had a dog that lost its hearing in the last three years of her life but she was able to understand me through visual cues and she also looked to her younger brother who is now losing his vision for cues. Now, imagine a puppy who cannot see or hear from birth. How does this puppy learn? Through tremendous patience and special knowledge. Can this puppy live a great life?

Is it likely to be adopted? Breeders who are looking for high sales know that merle-colored puppies fetch a high price. Pitbull litters generally run puppies. That means breeders can assume one or two puppies will be unsellable out of each litter. Merle-colored pitbulls are not special or rare. They are bred at a high risk and likely have littermates who were discarded because they were born without vision or hearing. Any breeder doing this is not someone who loves dogs. That said, if you see a merle-colored pit at your local shelter, by all means bring him home!

Generally speaking, dogs bred for color have genetic health conditions. This is why your local shelter dog is one of the best options out there. Theodore Rabb is a vet assistant and animal lover who likes to research, write about and share his knowledge of all things animals.

He has a cat named Mariska and a dog named Tidbit, who he loves dearly. He has been writing for Ned Hardy since its inception. Thank you! They absolutely should not be bred or referred to as pit bulls. They are NOT pit bulls. They a mixes and if they have papers then they are hung papers. Not just the Pittbulls. The point is that merel is not a pit bull color. Merle means that the dog is a pit bull. No matter if the mix is far enough back to test as a purebred. No matter if the dog has papers. Merle automatically means that it is not a pit bull.

Someone has bred a pit with another breed and then hung papers. Because if Someone has a Merle Australian Shepherd there seems to be nothing wrong with that! But as soon as one has a Pittbull of any color or bloodline the dog and the owner get judged! Ankle biters are the reason cause ankle biters are the aggressor of all fights or even larger dogs.

Like Black people and pitbulls are the sameā€¦ but pitbulls have more rights than we do. Oh mine is a service animal at that! Merle pit bull are highly susceptible to the parvovirus and the easiest place for them to get it is from a dog park, so think about it. I have 2 one has had parvovirus and so has my yorkie when she was 6oz. It takes a lot of work meds sleepless nights and care to get them through it.

If you dont do the work ot will kill them. When my yorkie got it the vet had told me she was too small to fight it and she would die. I told him to give me the medication anyway and I also used Gatorade or pedialyte to keep her hydrated.

She is now 13 years old. I put in 2 weeks of work on her and 8 days when my 2 year old Pitt got it from a dog park. Amy dog is highly susceptible to catching the parvo virus. Especially if not given the vaccination shots that protect it from the virus. So now I must ask why did your 2 year old catch it? Was it not vaccinated? If the answer is no then why would you have it at a dog park in the first place? The most susceptible to catch parvo are puppies of any breed. Half of all pitbulls euthanized by age 2. If they are the best dogs, answer me, WHY??

What a fucking ignorant person. People like you are the problem with Merle pit bull world, not these dogs. I have a Merle Pitbull and I consider myself lucky since I rescued her and paid only to my friend for the gas to go get her. I have been offered thousands for my dog. Merle pit bull her to the vet for hearing and vision test.

Passed with flying colors! Sorry not sorry, I want another! Merle means the dog is a mix. Not a pit bull. Your dog is a bully mix. First there is no such breed as a pit bull. They are either Shaffer terriers or american bullys. The phrase pit bull is a great disservice to a highly intelligent and lovable breed of dogs. Second to the intelligently challenged individual that said they are a virus. I can see that you have never met this breed. They American bully and the Shaffer terrier are nicknamed nanny dogs. The reason for this is that they will protect and nurture a young child like there own.

I am the proud owner of a classic American bully with white and merl coloring. This amazing 3 year old girl was almost put down because of people with bully fear. The funny part is she is scared of her own shadow and would never hurt a fly. We have her registered as a hearing dog for my wife and a diabetic alert dog for me.

She learned both of these skills in less then 6 month and has a soft mouth like a retriever. What is a Shaffer terrier? The American Pit Bull Terrier, or pit bull for short, is a recognized breed. American bullys were created using pit bulls.

What on Earth are you talking about? APBT is what they are. These are American Bullies not Pitbulls we breed the best of them if anyone is interested burrnationk9s is the place for you. It was an article giving some good information about merle pit bulls. Please stay on the subject matter and keep in mind that it is not about us.

I have to agree with a comment above, other breeds are merle but we dont read articles about them. Its always about pits or dog that look like pits. How bought an article relating to how to properly raise them, thing to do and not do. Its sad that in this world media still reports on all the bad things, instead of the good.

No, you should not buy a merle pit bull.

Merle pit bull

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9 Things You Should Know About Merle Pitbulls