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Queerty sat down with Mike and asked him whether he forgives Ted and why he thinks the gay community has shunned him. I am so deep into this. So this story is much bigger than even Ted Haggard now. Yes, I was made aware of him from someone else. I knew about him a year ago. Several guys have actually sought me out to tell me their story. Instead Mike jones denver massage chose to cover it up and eventually pay him hush money. Therefore, I was taking the whole beating and taking all the flak from a lot of different angles.

I knew of others. I guess when Grant finally decided to come forward, through my encouragement, too, I asked him to show his face. It certainly was a little bit validating for me. But I sure could have used the honesty back Mike jones denver massage I broke the story.

Did you tell him what you told me just now? That you wished he had come forward sooner? You have to understand what the New Lif Church is all about. So, they just do whatever they can to protect themselves and make them look good. Forgive me for calling you a liar or for calling you nothing but seeking media attention. It would be nice if one of them could come forward and apologize to me. Has that changed at all? It disappoints me. It actually angers me. Just the lack of support!

To this day, nobody from HRC [The Human Rights Campaign], who I reached out to at the beginning for some help, as my world was collapsing, still to this day has never called me or even made any attempt to check up on me. They need to forget about that part and really come to the realization of what I actually did for the sake of the gay community.

I exposed myself and I took a lot of heat for that, so I feel a bit hurt. I know more are probably going to soon, too. Yeah, yeah. What was your reaction when you first heard about it? He has publicly apologized to me. So, I have made my peace. He was on the Oprah Show [yesterday] and Oprah, they were in contact with me and were thinking about having me and and finally said to me that they felt I was irrelevant to the story now. This was filmed a couple of weeks ago and I knew this kid was coming out. So, it was my sadness that he chose this route to do it so publically, when I thought it would have been more honorable for him to do it quietly.

I have a friend that made an interesting comment. I want a boyfriend. I need someone to rub my back at night. I kind of have to sleep in it, now. And I need to find a job. I really would like to get on with a normal life. This thing eats at me day and night. I think if people need to understand that if I were doing it for money, I would of had a book deal ed before I ever exposed him.

I would of had a P. I would of had all this stuff in place. Instead, I just came out with it. How dare he get all this attention? How dare he get all this, this? People are so nasty. It makes me so depressed and brings me to tears so many times because of teh things they say about me. But he is a whistleblower in the sense that Jessica Hahn was a whistleblower. He was a prostitute and did things that many in the country would hold against someone in a job search or a personal relationship.

He should look in the mirror and realize that his own past choices led him to where he is. His comments here are genuine but at the same time his claims of victimhood fall flat because in the end he made choices too in his life. He is realizing I hope that they were bad ones and that it is only he that can really cahnge them. Case in point, Donna Rice. Now she is a crusader now against pornography and not a friend of gays but she turned something that was personally damning of her own character into something that has made her credible.

Jones should realize taht he needs to move on and leave familiar surroundings and find a new path in life. Money is an issue for all of us for sure and the fact Jones is broke is I am sure is a totally serious matter. But personal responsibility is a big part in moving on and Mr Jones should embrace that instead and let Haggard ruin Haggard. What a shame. He should be hailed as the whistleblower he was, especially now that others have come forward and no one can doubt his claims.

Twice in his interview he says he wants people to forget the fact that he was a drug-using prostitute and concentrate on the good things he did. If I were on a date with Mike Jones and had no idea who he was then I, too, would be put off by his story. NOT by the fact that he was brave and stepped forward to uncover a major hypocrisy in the Evangelical church, but by the fact that he has a past that includes drug use and prostitution. I want to be understanding of his story and his position: I am sure it has been very, very difficult for him. NO ONE should have to struggle that much when trying to do something right in this world.

As a person, no. I feel so sorry for him, no matter if I agree with him or not how he feels is how he feels. I mean he earned close to nothing on this, but is marked forever, feels a bit unjust. I have always felt that Mike Jones did the right thing, and I have tremendous respect for him. Shame on the gay community if they have ostracized him because of this. I would probably feel the same way about gay rights, etc if I had received the same treatment that he has.

I say to Mike, a movie deal, a book deal, whatever will make you some money now. Time to take care of yourself. Mike Jones did what was right. He needs counseling, advice, and solution. Yes, Mike made some bad choices in his life, but so have many of us. I think it is commendable that Mike has found a way to forgive Haggard and is open to the possibility of one day forgiving that vile church. Lots of gays move to get a fresh start.

It can work for you, too. Do you have friends in NY? Wolf : Offer him a job? As what exactly? Poor guy. If there was any justice to this, Mike would be thanked for knocking Ted Haggard off his high horse. Yeah, but why does he court publicity by saying he slept with Larry Craig too? What exactly would he have accomplished for The Proposition 8 battle? I slept with some Mormons?

What Jones describes is very typical of what happens to many Mike jones denver massage whistleblowers. The comparison to Jessica Hahn is spot on. Maybe it means picking up and going somewhere else. If there really is a meth addiction issue, maybe it means dealing with that. If it means returning to school and entering a new profession than do that, for the sake of his own psyche. Being famous and poor is one of the hardest paths in life.

Unfortunately thats the way God made us. Forget justice and humanity. I believe that therapy is definitely in order but he really needs to make a plan to get out of there, whatever it takes. Rent a room, he can stay in my barn, lol, Mike jones denver massage deliver pizzas or work at a grocery store.

Mike jones denver massage

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