Mistakes men make in bed

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A happy relationship is the one who has it all: support, love, understanding and also great sex. Although this is still a taboo, sex mistakes men make in bed can cost us the relationship or even marriage. Here are 20 mistakes men make in bed and how to avoid them. Rushing things is one of the mistakes men make in relationships, not only rushing things in bed, but also in emotional aspects as well.

It can start with a hug in the morning, or kiss in the afternoon, but give her time to feel secure and comfortable. Yes, but not too soon. One of the common sex mistakes men make in bed is they think foreplay is only physical act, while forgetting about mental stimulation.

Many women like to fantasize during the intercourse so keep her imagination running wild, whisper gently into her ear and get her excited before the excitement. Some of the mistakes men make with women is that they expect that tactics that worked the last time work every time. Women have a menstrual cycle and their hormone levels are different depending on where they are in the cycle, so maybe her erogenous zone last time was her breast, but next time it might be her neck. Avoid sticking to what worked the last time and take time to explore her.

Sex mistakes men make in bed are almost always related to them not thinking about her enough. When men think about how to perform well in bedthey always think about their intercourse performance, but this is not the only way you get her to experience bliss. Women, unlike men, take longer time to orgasm because they need longer time to arouse and get their physical and mental state of excitement on the same level.

So be patient and work on improving it holistically. Seduction should be part of our everyday life, not only a pre-relationship thing. Focus on everything BUT the performance — play the seduction game throughout the day. Visual, mental or oral seduction is an imperative to a steaming sex life. Sex mistakes men make in bed can cost them a lot, and thinking you know well what you lady wants or needs is a very common one and applies outside the bedroom too. Yes, we all love the climax, but being intimate is not all about orgasming.

Take it slow. Most women LOVE to hear your enjoyment during the intercourse. Sometimes sex mistakes men make in bed are due to men not feeling comfortable and confident enough to be wild when they feel like it. There is something animalistic in all of us that spikes the testosterone, estrogen and adrenalin in our blood when we have loud sex. So, be expressive without any fear. Too many fingers can ruin the show for her.

Not all ladies enjoy this kind of a foreplay. So, play around to figure out what her preferences are. There is time for roughness and for intensity, but not during the foreplay. Women love hard sex, but not all the time. It also takes time to build the excitement to the moment where they are almost climaxing, for them to enjoy the hard core sex. When they are very close to orgasm, they are more resistant to pain and this is the reason they want harder and faster sex. Sow sex can be almost if not even more intense than the fast paced and hard core sex.

Related Reading: How to Have Sex. Clitoris is an extremely sensitive part of her body. It has nerves that go through her vagina and vulva too and. Clitoris requires only gentle rubbing to get her to the most intense climax. Instead of focusing only on her vagina or clitoris, kiss her neck, massage her buttocks or inner thighs. Too many guys are thinking about magazines when they are having sexual intercourse. Stop it. Sex mistakes men make in bed can make both man and the woman lose themselves in their thoughts.

You have to be present in the moment to fully enjoy the sex. So, focus on her body language and her sighs. Manscaping term used for men shaving their bits is as important to women as it is shaving legs to men. If it turns your woman on, just shave it without any hesitation. Women have fantasies and they want you to be as open to experimenting with them, as you want them to be open to experimenting with you and your fantasies.

No matter what sex mistakes men make in bed, you not being ready to do something with Mistakes men make in bed for her is one of the worst ones. Be open to new ideas. Playing it safe is not going to take you a long way. Spice it up, change positions even during the intercourse!

You might discover new sex positions that give you even more pleasure than the ones you always go for. Well, this is a red flag. You must also understand the differences between a real and fake orgasm. A real orgasm usually involves faster pulses and breathing. Also, you will notice her body tensing up with little movement, similar to that of guys when they release. In the video below, Caitlin V discusses s that tell if a woman is faking Mistakes men make in bed orgasm. Check them out:. Sex mistakes men make in bed can really frustrate women A LOT, and Mistakes men make in bed of the most annoying ones is that you finish before we are even ready to start.

Start the foreplay early and focus on her and get her aroused before you start the intercourse. Watching pornography can negatively influence our sex life because men try to do what they see in porn movies. Some men can go all domino and forget that their lady should enjoy the sex too. Pay attention to the clitoris stimulation. Intercourse is not the be-all and end-all of a satisfying intimate session.

There is this stereotype that most men fall asleep after sleep. Relax and soak in the pleasure, cuddle and enjoy each other even after the intercourse. Now that you know most common sex mistakes men make in bed and how to avoid them, think about your next time with your ificant other and make it the best one ever. This is a proven recipe for succsex. Take Course. Marriage Advice. Marriage Quizzes Marriage Quotes Videos. Find a Therapist. Search for therapist. All Rights Reserved. By Sylvia SmithExpert Blogger. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter.

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Mistakes men make in bed

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Mistakes men make in bed