Mobile Alabama eyes amd dress

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In Mobile, Carnival is more than an indulgent holiday.

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Its time-honored traditions have been passed through generations since the turn of the 18th century. Finding the roots of when Mardi Gras was first celebrated in America is as complicated as the act of celebrating it today is simple. Others, such as Mobile Carnival Museum curator Cart Blackwell, point to a moment decades later, conceding the lack of primary source documents that can confirm anything more.

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While the precise year matters greatly if you consider the long-held begrudging rivalry between Mobile and New Orleans, both Gulf Coast cities that share French founding and host the two largest Carnival celebrations in the United States, it does not impact what Mobile Mardi Gras historian and local magazine editor Steve Joynt says matters most. Still, Joynt says, Mobile claims the first American celebration of the type.

And, as he notes with a laugh, no other city can prove different. The annual celebration, with its roots in both early pagan festivals and the Christian tradition of overindulgence before the abstinence brought on by 40 days of Lent, takes place in various cities and regions around the world and with varying displays of artistry.

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From the decorative masks of Venice to the feather-bedecked, glittering images of Rio de Janeiro or the traditions passed down from formerly enslaved people in the Caribbean, Carnival in all its forms honors the joys of life for those who celebrate it. See pictures of Carnival costumes from around the world. Here, at center stage are the parents and grandparents who take the annual opportunity to teach their next generations something sacred: The bliss of briefly throwing off the cares of the world to spend time with each other.

Still, the way Carnival evolved in Mobile did not escape the history of the city that celebrates it. Early in the 19th century, that meant, by default, the white members of society. During the next few decades, a kind of Carnival cultural exchange between New Orleans and Mobile occurred, resulting in the shift of the celebrations to center around Mardi Gras Day. The pair circles each other around a column throughout the night.

The conversation led to changes. Then came women dressed in red as the Merry Mistresses. One year, the Mistresses started something of a riot with the Widows and were faux-arrested by local police. And your kid sees that.

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All rights reserved. For many who celebrate Carnival in Mobile, Alabama watching parades with family from the same spot on the route is an annual tradition. Iris Steele watches with her grandchildren, and waits to catch big be, especially eager for the ones that light up. Chelsea Brasted is a writer based in New Orleans. Elias Williams is a New York based photographer whose work honors underrepresented people in the United States. Most recently, he photographed stories about Clotilda and Africatown for National Geographic.

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Mobile Alabama eyes amd dress

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Is Alabama home to America’s oldest Mardi Gras celebration?