Mobile dating sites in zimbabwe

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Whenever I engage Zimbabweans on the issue of trying to find love using virtual means, a version of one argument always comes up: dating sites in the traditional sense are not necessary in Zimbabwe. Young people and middle-aged singles, the argument goes on, actually use social media to hook up with those they like.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are supposed to have supplanted traditional online dating platforms. That said, people approach dating sites differently. As as user of a dating site I am aware of the fact that everyone I see on the site — every profile I check out — belongs to someone who is also searching.

Africa has the youngest population in the world. Zimbabwe does not buck the trend. It is my impression that Zimbabweans who want to find love or hookups online are a frustrated lot. Foreign options extensions of international dating sites are expensive and sparse in options.

Local options are poor. A Techzim article on a related topic concluded that while a few enterprising Zimbabweans have attempted bringing Zimbabwean singles onto one natively created platform examples: topface. From my observations, local attempts at creating the Zimbabwean solutions suffer challenges that range from lack of maintenance, under-subscription, and technical inadequacy. In Kenya, for contrast, those using the internet to find their better halves have many options, two of which are DateMeKenya and KenyanCupid. The East Africans along with South Africa frequently lead they way, ahead of Zimbabwe, in finding digital solutions to everyday challenges.

This is one more area Zimbabwe can learn from Kenya. Mixing things up, especially along racial lines, might be a difficult thing to pull off but it will be Mobile dating sites in zimbabwe the shot. The innovator who will finally create the dating app that takes off in Zimbabwe will cater to, and attract, people from all cultural backgrounds.

That is simply how Zimbabweans are browsing the web. However, if Facebook and other major social networking sites are pulling it off, so can a dating app! Remember how Facebook started, right? There used to be penpal sections in old zim magazines and some newspapers… I dont think they were ever popular.

This is a modernized version of that and in my opinion, ghetto youths which make up most of the youth population are not ready for it. People are struggling with everyday life, struggling to have a single dollar to get by, then you think they will have spare money to buy expensive internet bundles for trying love on net?? Whatsapp is popular because people are using it to do business and replaced expensive text messages…. Facebook is popular because Zimbabweans are scattered around the world and people want to keep in touch with their friends and relatives.

That include all other social apps, but lm not sure what will make the dating app so popular, its not like people are struggling to find love or love being expensive to do through what we are customed to. I like the idea of going multicultural! Anyway, i started surfing Slavic sites to find a Slavic woman.

I found one site heandshetoday. But now i think maybe i should try with search for Zimbabwean lady?! The convenience of online dating is that so overwhelming and Zimbos have already taken it up in droves. Some misguided individual up there said:. And this is besides the online dating that happens on non dating platforms like Facebook and Instagram. to recharge:. Eco Cash :. ZESA Meter :. WhatsApp :. I have two things to say to those who advance this argument: They are missing the point of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, which is not dating. The first three are social networking sites first, while WhatsApp is an instant-messaging platform.

They underestimate how difficult it is to mis -use the aforementioned sites to scout for romantic partners. People may project sanitized, perfect versions of themselves on Facebook, but on a deeper, psychological level, they are not trying to use the site for hookups.

Even when they are definitely single and searching. So much that anyone who interacts with them from an angle of trying to hook up simply comes simply as misguided at best and at worst, creepy. Zimbabwe is readier for a dating website than ever before Africa has the youngest population in the world.

With internet penetration and smartphone usage surging in Zimbabwe, the circumstances are ripe. My 3 Ideas for Changing the Game: Go multicultural Mixing Mobile dating sites in zimbabwe up, especially along racial lines, might be a difficult thing to pull off but it will be worth the shot.

Think mobile That is simply how Zimbabweans are browsing the web. Next: Tired of juggling all those messaging clients? Meet Franz, the one stop chat enabler.

Mobile dating sites in zimbabwe

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Online dating sites in zimbabwe