Morse zig zag 4300

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That's an awesome find, it look hardly touched. I've never heard of a Morse. It looks sturdy, and I bet something is just 'froze up'. I know you will sew on it many hours. Beautiful machine, what a great find! By the way, I picked up an Indygo Junction purse pattern today and thought, "I need to do this WOW- I have never seen anything more beautiful - except my children. I just love it! That's it - I'm coming to the US. I wonder if something like this would fit in hand luggage - hmm?

Ps found my ironing board cover with grid - June Tailor - Press-mate, here in Australia. Thank you for your pictures. Beautiful, Bunny -- and you did a spectacular job on the finish work! It's got all the panache of an American vintage car, including that fantastic retro "grille".

Great find for you; great home for it! I'm sure you'd hava lots of fun with it. A beauty Bunny. I have gained a real appreciation for vintage machines. My Viking is absolutely flawless, but my old Singer could use some turtle wax.

What a great idea. I have this same machine! My mother-in-law inherited it from her Aunt and gave it to me when she heard I had an interest in sewing, but no machine. It gave me a lot of fits, but got the job done until I got a new machine. I didn't know anything about having them serviced back then, but suspect if I had taken it in it would have given me much less trouble.

I plan to eventually get it back out and spruced up and either pass it on to someone interested in sewing that doesn't have a machine or save it for one of my girls. OMG what a cool machine! I found an 82 Bernina Nova at the thrift shop. It's built like a tank.

They don't make them like they used to! Hello I came across your blog when I was researching about the Morse sewing machine. I am considering buying this same make and model and wondered if you still love yours. What do you think? Worth it or not? Thank you! You probably just have the clutch disengaged. Pretty late to be posting, but happened to run across this. I just got the same model from Goodwill and am so love its looks. There is something missing on the presser bar so that it is not stable.

You have encouraged me that this machine is worth putting a little money into it to get that fixed. I love tinkering with old machines, but don't know much and don't have a similar one to use as a template. Do you have a schematic that shows the parts and how they go together? I have looked online and haven't found anything. A user's manual won't have that level of detail. Thanks so much. I love your blog because of your high level of detail and enjoyment of sewing with a high level of quality. Engaging commentary:. Not the most exciting garment but but this simple dress redeemed me from the sewing debacle I endured with my last sewing excu Sewing Vloggers Morse zig zag 4300.

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My dear friend Ima gave me some lovely silks she picked up "somewhere

Morse zig zag 4300

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Vintage Morse Zig-zag Sewing Machine