My boyfriend keeps borrowing money from me

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Other interests. Home […] Forums Life and style Relationships. Boyfriend borrowing money? Confused about Clearing? Go to first unread. Skip to :. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 7 years ago 1. My boyfriend works full time whereas I am a student. I have savings in my bank from a bursary and a loan which will be used to pay my rent for the next few months, but even though he has a full time job, my boyfriend seems to struggle financially and sometimes has barely anything towards the end of the month.

Last month he said he was going to have to ask his brother to borrow some money to keep him going until he got paid. I then said I wouldn't mind him borrowing some money from me if he was really struggling. He then said he would feel like he was taking advantage and I said ok, I just thought I would offer. We then went to the cinema with his friend a couple of days later and he asked if he could use my card and give me the money because he only had cash and we were using the machine to pay our tickets which only accepts card.

But then he didn't give me the money and I thought he maybe forgot as we were in a rush to get the bus, but he never mentioned it later either. This all happened two weeks ago and he got paid one week ago, but still hasn't said anything about it at all or paid me back. Even though I'm not exactly too comfortable financially either, the money isn't my main problem. I don't really mind when he pays me back. But I am disappointed in the way he has handled this, I thought more of him. Then he didn't give me the other money back either when he got paid and he hasn't said anything. It hasn't been that long so I haven't mentioned anything about it at all either.

I don't want to make him feel bad because I don't think he is meaning to take advantage. But just wondered what other people think and should I bring it up or wait longer or even wait until the next time he gets paid to ask him about it?

Not what you're looking for? Report 7 years ago 2. Original post by Anonymous My boyfriend works full time whereas I am a student. Report Thread starter 7 years ago 3. So maybe say to him you need the money back for something but if he's struggling he could pay it back in bits? Report 7 years ago 4. Original post by Anonymous We have been going out for 8 months. Report Thread starter 7 years ago 5. No point in you being annoyed with him and him having no idea why. Guy Secretan Badges:

My boyfriend keeps borrowing money from me

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