My friend is your new roommate

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You unlock the door after a moment of fumbling and walk in the first day of freshmen year, and your room is empty. After the farewells, tears, and last minute reminders are complete, you sit on your freshly made bed and try not to stare at the intruder of your personal living space. Here you are, at nineteen, and you have to learn how to share a room smaller than the one at home with a girl who is practically a stranger. Okay, you can do this. Your head automatically jerks up whenever she opens the door to come in, and your heart pounds as if someone is coming in to murder you.

You glance at her when you are both working on asments, and you want to say something funny, but when you do it is more of a mumbled remark she glances at you in confusion and simply nods. And that bothers you more than you would care to admit. And on Friday, everyone shows up, and automatically it just works.

You adore music and have performed for years, and since her friends are in the music department with her, you understand them immediately. Your friends are goofy, and her friends find that endearing and not annoying! And it was that night, sitting in our dorm room and bonding over our love of everything chocolate, that I truly became friends with my roommate. She is wonderful, and hilarious, and a little too much like me at times.

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And it totally works. We will be talking about existential issues one moment, to laughing about our favorite Disney movies the next.

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I knew we would both have our own lives and friends. I knew that we just needed to get along with one another, and nothing more. She soon became one of my closest friends, my favorite light night snack buddy, and one of the most intelligent and emotionally mature people I have ever had the pleasure to know. Her friends are my friends, and my friends are hers.

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And with pink blankets and Harry Potter paraphernalia on my side and blue pillows and a Marvel poster on hers, we live in personality clashing chaos. Even now, when I drive her crazy with my rambling, and she sleeps for hours on my beanbag chair, we find a way to make it work. As the school year draws to a close, and we have to pack up and say goodbye, I feel so dejected. Stop writing! I want to get food and watch Friends! Anyways, what was I saying about missing my bossy roommate this summer? These words are for us all. Beyond Worthyby Jacqueline Whitney. You may unsubscribe at any time.

You have a roommate now.

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About a month into school, you are desperate, so you decide to try something. And I was wrong on all s. I: the outspoken, bubbly, people-pleasing education and English major. Her: the sporty, sarcastic, introspective music therapy major.

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10 Ways To Become Friends With Your New Roommate