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Thai cuisine is full of savoury and appetizing dishes. Anyone will surely enjoy it, as each bite is bursting with taste and flavour. If you want to try the true taste of Thailand, you should definitely visit N Thai Sing. We also provide online ordering services if you want to stay at home. You do not have to go through the hassle of ordering your meals personally, as we will deliver your orders to you.

About Us Thai cuisine is full of savoury and appetizing dishes. Entree Prawn Chips - N thai sing Bag. Satay Tofu 8 Pcs GF. Deep fried tofu topped with saseme seed and homemade peanut sauce. Vegatarian Spring Roll 4 Pcs. Thai style spring roll stuffed with seasonal vegetables in a thin egg pastry Served with Sweet Chili Sauce.

Vegetarian Curry Puffs 4 Pcs. Crispy fried puff pastry stuffed with potatoes, onion, marinated with curry powder, Served with Sweet Chili Sauce. Dim Sim 4 Pcs. Steamed minced chicken, chinese mushroom, topped with garlic. Served with Soy Sauce. Money Bag 4 Pcs. Minced chicken marinate with meat crab, carrot, peas and sweet corn deep fried in pastry. Served with Sweet Chili Sauce. Chicken Wings.

Marinated chicken wing, Thai herbs, lightly fried. Satay Chicken 4 Pcs. Grilled chicken skewer marinated with own recipe topped with homemade peanut sauce. Fish cake. Coconut Prawn 4 N thai sing. Deep fried marinated prawns crumbed in shredded coconut. Calamari lightly battered with salt and pepper. A traditional spicy and sour soup with mushroom, lemomgrass, galangal kaffir, lime leaves and herbs.

Tom Kha Chicken GF. A smooth of creamy chicken soup, taste with mildly spicy and sour soup of galangal and spices mired well with coconut milk and mushroom. Tom Yum Goong GF. A traditional spicy and sour soup with mushroom, galangal kaffir lime leaves and herbs. Wonton Soup. Chicken minced marinated and wrapped inwonton pastry with vagetables. Chef's Recommendation Cashew Nut Chicken. Stir fried chicken breast with vegetable, chili jam and cashew nut. Beautiful Pumpkin. Stir fired chicken, pumpkin, cucumber, egg and garlic powder with oyster sauce.

N' Thai Noodle. Flat noodle with chicken vegetable and peanut sauce. Honey Lemon Chicken. Deep fried chicken with lemon and honey sauce. Stir fired beef with eggplant, black bean, fresh garlic, onion, capsicum and basil with oyster sauce. Massaman Curry Popular GF. Chunky tender beed in sweet mild curry with onion and potato. Battered king prawn served with steamed vegetables topped with homemade choo chee curry sauce and kaffir lime leaf. Volcano Seafood. Stir fried mix seafood with vegetable, eggs and homemade thai hot and spicy sauce. Exotic Seafood.

Stir fried mix seafood with chilli paste, egg and coconut milk. Pad Cha Seafood. Stir fired mix seafood with special fresh chili paste, eggplant, green bean, capsicum,bamboo shoot and thai herbs. Lightly battered calamari with salt and pepper. Battered barramundi fillet steamed vegetable topped with homemade choo chee curry and coconut milk. Green Apple Salad. Crispy barramundi fillet with sliced green apple and thai herb lemon dressing. Tamarind Duck. Boneless roasted duck, steamed mixed green vegetables topped with homemade tamarind sauce. Siam Duck. Boneless roasted duck, steamed mixed green vegetables topped with homemade N Thai Sing special sauce.

Honey Lemon King Prawn. Deep fried king prawn with lemon and honey sauce. Pad Prek King. Stir fried crispy pork belly, green beanand kaffir lime leave with dry curry paste. Asian Green. Stir fried crispy pork belly, green vegetables with oyster sauce. Crispy soft shell crab tossed with salt, pepper, dry garlic, chili and shallot. Crispy soft shell crab tossed with chilli basil sauce. Lamb Cutlet with Choo Chee Sauce. Grilled lamb cutlet served with condensed red curry and chop kaffir lime.

Phuket Island. King prawn curry with fresh coconut and pineapple. Balmain Bugs in Dry Yellow Curry. Stirfired with red chili, garlic, green bean, bamboo shoot and holy basil. Chili Jam Sauce GF. Stirfired with mixed vegetable, and cashew nuts. Stirfried with garlic, pepper and vegetable.

Fresh Ginger GF. Stirfried fresh ginger, shallot, onion and mushroom. Stirfried with fresh tomato, cucumber, onion, carrot, shallot and pineapple. Oyster Sauce GF. Stirfried with seasonal vegetables. Peanut Sauce GF. Stir fried peanut sauce with vegetable. A romantic yellow curry with coconut cream, onion, carrot, potatoes sprinkled with dry onion. Green Curry GF Medium. A Spicy green coconut curry with bamboo shoot, green bean, capsicum and basil leaves.

Panang Curry GF Medium. Thick and creamy curry with coconut milk, carrot, capsicum, pumpkin and shredded kaffir lime leaves. Red Curry GF Medium. Homemade red curry paste with green bean, bamboo shoot, coconut milk and basil leaves. Jungle Curry GF Hot. Hot and spicy country style curry without coconut milk cooked with thai herbs, seasonal vegetables and basil leaves. Minced chicken, pork or beef with chili powder, ground roast rice,coriander, mint, onion and lime juice. Beef Salad GF.

Sliced grilled N thai sing, chili, mint, lemon juice, cucumber, onion, tomato and lemongrass. Roast Duck Salad GF. Boneless roast duck, spanish onion, coriander, mint, lemon juice and tomato. Seafood Salad GF. Cooked seafood tossed with lemon juice, spanish onion, shallot, mint, coriander with chili.

N thai sing

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