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Dogs can be like young children. The good news is that keeping your dog healthy, happy and out of trouble with daily exercise is a lot of fun and provides many benefits, including:. Please talk to your vet before engaging your dog in physical activity if there is a risk of illness or injury. Dogs are required to be up to date on all vaccinations. Simply put, we run dogs.

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Each mobile K-9 fitness unit is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment to accommodate any size and breed with the utmost safety and comfort. You can cheer your dog along the way or feel free to let our friendly professionals do the work for you. Regular RunBuddy Mobile LLC sessions are more than a simple time saver; they expedite energy release and work your dog into an accomplished, calm mindset. Each session lasts approximately minutes and are recommended weekly for optimal.

First Timers - try us out for a full min session! Up to four dogs per 30min session. Upcoming roadtrip, vet visit, or having company over? We'll come over and work them out for a calm, content dog! Call us when you need us Our hours are 6am-7pm Monday through Friday, 6am through 5pm Saturday, and closed on Sunday. All our sessions are approximately minutes.

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Clinicians find thirty minutes to be the proper amount of time to sustain mental focus, cardiovascular activity, and build muscle without overexerting your dog and risking injury due to exhaustion. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and on-demand scheduling. Most people schedule once a week and find great benefit both mentally and physically, generally the same day and time each week.

During hot summer months, when outdoor options are limited, we do find quite a few clients like to increase to twice a week. You know your dog best and we are here to help discuss options with you for your specific needs. The benefit of our mobile dog gym is that the runs are private sessions.

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When booking a run, we can typically schedule a few days out. Appointments are scheduled either on the hour or half hour and we ask to allow a 30min window before or after your scheduled time to accommodate traffic and unexpected scheduling adjustments. If you have a favorite harness you like to use, go ahead and put them in it for their session. Otherwise, we provide harnesses for safety and comfort during their run. Please make sure that any feedings are handled at least 2 hours before their session to prevent full bowels or a full stomach of food; that would be uncomfortable for anyone.

Along with prompt and professional service, our top priorities are safety and positivity! Our goal is to give your dog the best workout for that day, customized to their needs. We are there to ensure a safe session and a fun session with positive reinforcement via cheering, clapping, squeaky toys, and overall love and affection.

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Your dog may be sprawled out on the cool floor and pant for some time after their session. They just had a good workout! Wait until their heart rate slows before feeding. They just had a good workout and their endorphins and adrenaline are pumping. Once their heart rate slows down and they relax, the energy will burn off.

For unconditioned or older dogs, we recommend giving their hind legs a nice rubdown to release lactic acid and prevent soreness the next few days. Next sessions can be scheduled the same way you booked originally, text or phone call to We typically follow-up within a week of their first session but feel free to reach out anytime with feedback! All our K9 Fitness Coaches are hand-selected and specifically trained because of their warm, friendly personalities and their professional dog handling experience; from dog rescue work, vet techs, and dog trainers, to K9 unit work with the fire and police depts.

You can expect your dogs to be in great hands, no matter the size or personality, with any of our coaches. Generally, the learning curve is about 5 minutes for us to train them how to balance and propel themselves on our equipment. After that, the more they do it, the better they get as their confidence in themselves and the equipment grows.

All sessions are closely supervised for best safety. Since there are NO MOTORS, the dogs run and move at their own speed, so when they speed up and slow down on their own, the treadmill speeds up and slows down.

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We monitor their movements and take our time to ensure a safe and positive experience. Every dog is different! Some take to it right away while others need a few sessions to build confidence in themselves and the equipment first. Even at a slow and steady pace, they are focusing, balancing, and climbing uphill for the entire session.

They are engaging their mind, core, stability, and leg muscles no matter what. We encourage the first Trial Run session to be together so everyone can meet, and your dog sees your positive affirmation in the new environment. After that, you are welcome to hand off at the door or van. We are also fully insured and bonded and can retrieve and return your dog on our own for their sessions. Please let us know your preference.

We accept cash, check, and card. You can prepay via Square invoice, save a card on file, or pay at your sessions. Always clear any physical activity with your veterinarian first. All our canine clients must be at least 4 months old and be up to date on all vaccinations. From our Liability Form- Cancellation Policy: Owner agrees to keep their scheduled session, and we understand that dogs, people, and life are unpredictable at times. We send out a confirmation text at 8am the day before a scheduled session to prevent unexpected changes and assume confirmed unless otherwise noted.

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If rescheduling or canceling is needed, owner agrees to let us know, at minimum, by 8pm the day before their session to allow adjustment on our end. Please send your along with any inquiries to info runbuddymobile. We are always looking for insane and incredible dog people to spread our mission for healthy, happy dogs through fitness! David then found his home in the desert heat of Arizona in where he teamed up with the Fire Department Search and Rescue Team AZSearchDogs to help train their variety of service dogs. RunBuddy Mobile, LLC is a mobile dog gym offering fitness sessions to help your dog get and maintain a happy, healthy life.

We are a mobile service coming to your home to exercise your dog inside our air conditioned fitness unit. With safety and care, we take your dog through up to three stages of training; from initial training, to confidence and challenge, we keep your dog moving and improving! See our Training Brochure for more details. Problems With Lack of Exercise Dogs can be like young children. Destructive chewing, digging or scratching Investigative behaviors, like garbage raiding Hyperactivity, excitability and night-time activity Unruliness, knocking over furniture and jumping up on people Excessive predatory and social play Play biting and rough play Attention-getting behaviors like barking and whining.

What we can do Our Services. Hours of Operation. Closed on Sunday. Multiple dog discount First Timers - try us out for a full min session! What are your hours and services areas? How long are the sessions? How often do you recommend I schedule for my dog?

Can you work with multiple dogs together? Who are your K9 Fitness Coaches? How long does it take to learn how to move on your treadmills? When will my dog run full speed? Do I need to be home for the sessions? How is payment handled? What are your requirements to work with my dog?

What is your cancellation policy? Are you hiring?

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Do you franchise? Take a look at what the Media is saying In the News. KTAR News. Fox 10 Phoenix News. AZTV 7. ABC 15 Arizona.

Need a texting buddy 30 Buffalo 30

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