Nfl playoffs 2015 tickets

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In most cases, those selling tickets never had them to begin with. The practice, called short selling, has become common for big games over the years. Brokers sell tickets and buy them cheaper closer to the event to make their profits. But the idea of selling before having anything in hand became more commonplace as the returns consistently came in for Super Bowls. That was until this year, when too many brokers sold tickets they didn't have and for lower prices than in years, making it impossible to get the real ticket for a price that was affordable when it came time to Nfl playoffs 2015 tickets the trigger.

Daryl Kikucki, a year-old regional service manager for a jet company in Seattle, is a Seahawks season-ticket holder who sold his ticket to the NFC Championship Game so that he could afford to go the Super Bowl. If the tickets were out there, we would rather pay to fill your orders, but we cannot buy tickets that do not exist.

The company's terms and conditions, which a customer must check, absolves it from liability but does not represent that tickets that are listed might not be in its possession. Kassi was assured he was getting his tickets until Thursday, when he received an from company owner and founder Brian Peters.

I am sincerely sorry for this situation. For what it is worth, I will not have a functioning business once the dust settles from this event. I assure you that I am not profiting from this circumstance, and that I will do everything in my power to resolve it for you.

Peters offered a refund of the money paid plus an additional 20 percent. Kassi said he doesn't want it. Patriots fan Josh Helms and his friends bought six tickets two days after the team punched its ticket to the Super Bowl. This was my dream vacation and now I'm in Arizona with nothing. Backed by parent company eBay, StubHub ponied up what it had to pay to fulfill its guarantee that if a seller doesn't come through with a ticket, the site will offer a replacement. Spokesman Glenn Lehrman said there were a couple hundred cases where this occurred and everyone will have tickets. Some brokers are understandably having problems with proposed settlements.

One broker, who did not want to be named, said his company offered two times the money back to his customers who paid for Nfl playoffs 2015 tickets than 30 tickets to the game and only one person accepted the offer. Although the NFL hasn't changed the fundamental allocation of the tickets, Brnovich suggests that it's possible for the league to help alleviate market manipulation in the future by holding back tickets and releasing them closer to the game, just like some high-profile entertainers have been known to do. Hundreds lose out on tickets to Super Bowl. Sources: Nuggets' Barton declines player option.

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Nfl playoffs 2015 tickets

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