Nightlife in walking street pattaya

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This one-kilometer stretch at the southern end of Beach Road closes to vehicular traffic at night and morphs into one of Thailand's most notorious red-light districts. After dark, Walking Street roars to life in a sea of neon lights and thumping music as pubs, nightclubs, sports bars, and go-go bars open their doors. While undoubtedly the party-center of Pattaya, a night out on Walking Street can be as wild or tame as you choose to make it.

Several R-rated venues are available as well as lower key pubs, live bands, street performers, and food stands. ing only takes a minute and it's Plus you get other perks like badges, points, and unicorns. Fitness level: Easy. Nightlife Star. Prepare for an all-night pub crawl as almost every building along Walking Street is home to a pub, club or go-go bar. Take your pick of venues offering bargain cocktails, live music, and exotic dancers.

Bucketlist Bandit. Take a walk down this must-see street and take selfies with street performers and at a neon-lit entrance. Choose a bar or nightclub to enjoy a drink or two at this world-renowned nightlife district. Relaxation Guru. Settle in at a bar like Hot Tuna Barorder a few rounds of your go-to drink and request your favorite song be played by the live band.

Drivers can pick up and drop off at either end of Walking Street. Rideshare restrictions are not as strictly enforced as in other areas of Pattaya. Walking directions from taxi Walking directions from songthaew Photography allowed: Yes flash is ok. Tips: Avoid taking photos that include the faces of bar girls on the street, or at least ask permission before shooting. As the street is only really active at night, try to fix your ISO quite high for a hand-held shot with minimal motion blur.

The ideal would depend on your camera body and lens. A large of dining options ranging from local street food stands to fine dining seafood restaurants are located along Walking Street. There's even a Turkish ice-cream vendor providing dessert with a show.

Walking Street was initially one of the main ro constructed for Pattaya's fishing industry. During the s and 70s, a series of beer bars, guest houses, music lounges, restaurants, and go-go bars emerged to cater to American sailors and soldiers who often stopped in Pattaya port. Word of Pattaya's nightlife district, then called "The Strip" spread to other western seafarers, increasing demand for development of the city and its main streets.

Walking Street changed with the times, adding discotheques and cabaret shows during the s. The name 'Walking Street' was first used in the s, when a series of car accidents caused the city council to close the street to vehicles from 6pm onwards leaving it a pedestrian-only pathway after dark. Follow us now on Telegram for the latest updates. Get the goodies delivered into your inbox weekly plus enjoy all the perks of being a Forever Break VIP member - customized itineraries, earn points and unlock badges.

Simply register a free to build itineraries, unlock badges, and earn points. It only takes a minute. And it will instantly make you Nightlife in walking street pattaya looking. Copy. Share Tweet Pin. My itinerary Save View. But that's ok! You're welcome to the cool club for free. Let's do this! I'm already cool, let me in Nah, I am boring. Price Free. Time Spent hours Fitness level: Easy. Hours 6 pm -late 7 days. Walking street entrance.

Main stretch of walking street. Happy hour promotions. Walking Street at night. Rideshare Drivers can pick up and drop off at either end of Walking Street. Taxi Taxi drivers can pick up and drop off at either end of Walking Street. Songthaew Circular route Take the circular route along beach road until you reach Walking Street. What To Bring Do: Cash for drinks and tips. Don't: Value belongings Nightlife in walking street pattaya passports, jewelry, or large sums of cash. Wifi Public wifi access: None.

Photography Photography allowed: Yes flash is ok Tripod allowed: Not encouraged Selfie sticks allowed: Yes Best time to shoot: Night Tips: Avoid taking photos that include the faces of bar girls on the street, or at least ask permission before shooting. Drones Drones allowed: Not encouraged. Bags Backpacks allowed: Yes Secured bag lockers available: No.

Do: Tip waitstaff and live bands. Be polite when turning down an invitation to enter a venue. Don't: Use, sell, or possess drugs. This is illegal in Thailand and carries strict penalties. Drink too much and act drunk and disorderly. Drinking is expected on Walking Street but drunken behavior is considered disrespectful in Thailand. Display money as it may entice pickpockets. Best Parts: Variety of nightlife options to suit both hard-core partiers and those more subdued. Live rock band at Hot Tuna Bar. Pedestrian-only atmosphere closed to vehicular traffic.

Could Be Better: Propositions by dancers wanting men to enter their venue. Some can be very persistent and follow you down the street. Drunk tourists and disorderly behavior. One of the largest Buddha statues in Thailand. The 18m high golden Buddha was built in the s when Pattaya was still a small fishing village. A modern telling of Thai folk stories through drama, dance, acrobatics, and animation.

Talented performers keep perfect timing with animated on-screen backgrounds and props like fire, water, puppets, and mechanical monsters to delight the audience. A majestic, castle-like wooden temple seemingly floating above the sea at the Ratchavete Cape beachfront. Every inch of the metre high structure is decorated with intricate carvings of stories from Thai folklore.

Visitors can purchase a long-boat ride along the network of canals to see the traditionally inspired wooden architecture and catch a glimpse of stalls you might like to visit, or simply wander through the market stalls to see the items up close. Burgers Nightlife in walking street pattaya the stars at here, well, alongside house band, NinetyNine who play every night. In true Hard Rock style, burgers are piled high and servings of nachos, sal, and pasta brim to the edge of the plate.

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Nightlife in walking street pattaya

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