No to weed

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The government just has no right restricting the relatively harmless pleasures of consenting adults. Even if marijuana is harmful — and that is by no means clear — it is the right of every individual to decide whether to take it. It is immoral to tell people how they can, or cannot enjoy themselves. Dope is called that for a reason — it makes you stupid. Pot smokers also run higher risks of developing mental health problems like schizophrenia and depression. In fact, cannabis has proven health benefits, from treating glaucoma to preventing epilepsy or easing the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Tobacco is more addictive than No to weed, but there is no that marijuana causes physiological addiction. If you ban pot, you may as well ban burger eating, bungee jumping or any other moderately risky pastime. Studies show up to one-in10 users develop dependence over time.

Stopping marijuana use can lead to withdrawal symptoms like anxiety and irritability. Over half the 7. Making it legal will mean more people will use it — including youngsters — No to weed more people will become addicted. Legalizing cannabis would take the trade out of the hands of criminal gangs. Legalized, pot could be properly regulated to ensure quality and safety — just like any other product. Freed from chasing hapless dope-smokers, law enforcement agencies could focus on dealing with hard drug pushers who do real harm. Just look at Amsterdam where the liberal pot culture has spawned social problems from muggings to prostitution and hard drug use.

The authorities there have been tightening restrictions. Research shows that heavy pot-smokers are several times more likely than non-users to commit violent crime. The gains would come from tax revenues on pot sales and savings to the justice system — including the cost of keeping smokers in jail. Since prohibition is never going to stop people smoking dope, the state may as well make money out of it. It could also be a major boom to the economies of producing countries. Addiction experts regard weed as a gateway drug that potentially introduces users to more serious substance abuse. Research in New Zealand found regular cannabis users were 60 times more likely to try other illicit drugs than young people who had never smoked cannabis.

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No to weed

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