Online dating law of attraction

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in. The Law of Attraction says that we create our own reality — both positive and negative — by the thoughts and actions we put out into the universe. Thoughts and emotions are a form of energy, and the energy we project into the world is the same energy we will attract back to us. Whatever you direct your attention to is what will come back to you. The proponents of the Law of Attraction say universal vibrations power the attraction: All forms of matter and energy including mental energy vibrate, and energy is drawn to other energy that is vibrating on the same wavelength.

Psychologists know that people with a positive outlook have happier, healthier, more socially engaged lives, while people who are trapped in negative ways of thinking tend to be unhappy and isolated. So if you keep telling yourself that you are empty and unloved and desperate, you will be. If you think of yourself as contented and confident, that is what you will attract back.

We create our reality by the statements we make about ourselves. This also influences the kind of people you attract. When you are in a grasping state, desperate to have someone to fill up your life, you attract others with similar unhealthy behaviors. As you create wholeness within, you become more available for someone who is also whole and healthy to show up. In other words, making things right within yourself will lead you to Mr. You create the reality you live in. Feel the power of that statement! The other Online dating law of attraction of that, though, is that you control only your own reality.

When you finally realize you are in control only of the intimacy you have within yourself, you will get what you need. This is the time to review what messages you received growing up about relationships. What did your parents tell you about love?

Did they follow their desires? Did they do what they should do, or what their hearts told them to do? Were they stifled as a couple, or did they grow in their relationship? The answers to these questions should help Online dating law of attraction understand what you are bringing into your life by the energy you put out. Do you block love by the messages you tell yourself? Do you say out loud that you want to find love but internally tell yourself it will never happen for you?

What you truly believe is what you will end up with. Mixed messages will never get you what you want. If what you believe and how you act in the world do not match, the lack of congruency will sabotage your. If you believe healthy love is on its way and you project that out in the world, you have a much better chance of making it so. Just pretend. Start living as if you already have love in your life. When you expect things to be different, you will start attracting different energy — and different people.

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Online dating law of attraction

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