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Julia Levi pm, Feb 11, Dora Guo. In a typical year at Yale, dining halls and libraries are teeming with people, making it easy to scope the scene for a potential crush or admirer. As you walk past SSS before an a. Every seat in your lecture is taken Online dating lecture a testimony to the endless options you could have if you actually took the time to meet each person.

Then there are all the opportunities to socialize outside of the academic sphere. You put your work aside on a Wednesday night to line up by the To entrance, thinking about who you could meet while dancing on the sticky hardwood floors. On a Friday, you squeeze into a dimly lit suite party or the throng of people in front of the frats, running into the person you glanced at five seats over in your econ lecture. When quarantine started last March, our large lecture halls and lively seminars turned into arrangements of squares on a screen.

Our friends and peers became two-dimensional pictures and loneliness began sneaking up on us; we had taken our daily interactions — integral components of life at Yale — for granted. Those with serious romantic relationships continued them, but many lost touch with their pre-COVID flings. As weeks went by, some students took to downloading dating apps like Hinge and Tinder to meet and talk to potential love interests: swiping and scrolling became the new way to see fresh faces. As spring turned into summer, dating apps continued to fill the void of parties and events, leaving more time to match with people on Tinder or develop conversations on Hinge.

Others kept their dating apps set to their hometown or New York City to separate their virtual private dating life from their Yale life. Elizabeth, a senior, takes a different approach to dating apps — she sets them to her hometown, strictly separating her online dating life from her Yale life.

When she first downloaded Online dating lecture, she did not have plans to meet up with anyone, but toward the summer she ended up matching with someone she thought was interesting, and met him for a few dates.

Although they are at separate schools, she keeps in touch with him and saw him while at home during winter break. Lauren, who sets her dating apps to Yale only, agrees with this, as she has run into Tinder dates while walking around campus. Dating apps have become a way of expanding our network because there are no events where you can be introduced to them.

Hinge has become an enhancement and convenience rather than an unfitting replacement, because it only requires one tap to reach out to someone you recognize and find good-looking. Of course, not everyone is on board with dating apps — in fact there are a ificant of Yale students who prefer the traditional in-person way of meeting their fling or ificant other. Otherwise, keep swiping. Tweets by yaledailynews.

Online dating lecture

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