Overcoming relationship insecurity

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Insecurities in a relationship are normal. We are human and we think negative things about ourselves sometimes. I can be perfectionistic. This creates absolutely unnecessary baggage called insecurity. To overcome insecurities in a relationship, we need to accept ourselves. Read 4 Reasons Why Self-Love is Essential in a Healthy Relationship Overcoming relationship insecurity learn how self-acceptance can beautifully transform relationships.

How do we actually stop being insecure? This post gives real steps you can take to confront your insecurities and work toward a place of self-acceptance. So, how do you know if you are acting on your insecurities in a relationship? Here are 3 s of insecurities in a relationship to help you find out.

Projection is placing your own thoughts and feelings onto someone else, therefore perceiving that their thoughts and feelings are like your own. We project to protect; we want to keep our egos undamaged, our insecurities unnoticed, and our weaknesses unknown. Projection, at times, is very normal. We subconsciously perceive, accuse, and criticize our partner of having our own undesired qualities or our own negative feelings towards us. Instead of accepting and confronting weaknesses and insecurities, we subconsciously push uncomfortable feelings away to the person whose opinion we care most about.

Although we Overcoming relationship insecurity good intentions for our relationship, pain and shame can blindside us and lead us to fall into the trap of projection. Projection distorts reality. When you let insecurities take control of you, core issues are harder to address and a deeper connection is harder to cultivate.

Blaming, criticizing, judging, and shaming your partner will most likely begin and end with self-discontent and resentment. A defensive attitude keeps us self-focused. Partners in a healthy relationship are connection focused. We miss out on kinder conversations when we spend all of our time trying to protect our self-esteem. Sometimes we feel so unworthy of love that we trade our values for positive attention.

Note: If you struggle with these behaviors, you may also struggle with an anxious-attachment style. Learn how to manage anxiety in a relationship by reading 7 Steps to Deal with Anxiety in a Relationship. Overcoming insecurities in a relationship takes intention and practice. Practicing these 3 steps on how to overcome insecurities in a relationship can help you work towards self-acceptance and cultivate a healthy relationship with your partner. Follow these 3 steps to uncover your hidden insecurities that fuel your unhealthy behaviors.

Acknowledge that your imperfections are normal and make you no less worthy of love. As we become more authentic, we can more clearly see we are lovable. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.

In her book, Hold Me Tight Dr. Vulnerability with your partner can lead Overcoming relationship insecurity uncovering and confronting insecurities. Claiming your feelings is an opportunity to move past projection and defensiveness, and reconnect with your partner. Realizing and admitting an imperfection may feel world shattering, but this vulnerability is the first step to embracing our authentic selves. Mindfulness and vulnerability take practice, but they will help you overcome insecurities in a relationship and have clear and sincere communication with your partner.

But imperfections are normal; they are actually a good thing! This is what le us to let insecurities control our relationship. Own your weaknesses and embrace your humanness. Accepting your flaws does not lessen your worth, it only increases your power; your power to choose and change. If we are vulnerable and acknowledge our imperfections, we will become more in tune with our true selves. If any of these gaslighting examples sound like you, it be might be helpful to read How to Overcome Insecurities in a Relationship, or 4 Reasons Why Self-Love is Essential in a Healthy […].

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Overcoming relationship insecurity

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What to do if your own insecurity is ruining your relationships