Percabeth start dating fanfic

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Percabeth secret dating AU with jealous Percy really we just love jealous Percy and a secret dating AU is the perfect vessel for that. Percy has always been a kind soul. He cherishes the people that he loves, holds them tight because life is unpredictable, and things can turn around in a matter of seconds. Annabeth looks so perfect today, her hair cascading down her back in the most Percabeth start dating fanfic, delicate way. The only problem is that no one knows. No one knows the way that Percy loves Annabeth with every fiber of his being.

No one knows that he is forever ruined for anyone else except her. No one knows the way his heart races when she kisses him, soft and sweet. Certainly not when the guy leans into Annabeth over the lab table, tugging on one of her curls, and all he can think is that it should be him. Percy steps away from her touch as he faces her. The tension in his shoulders dissipates when she steps into his arms and he wraps himself around her protectively.

The rest of the room is empty, except for a kid talking to the professor in the corner of the room, so he has Percabeth start dating fanfic inhibitions in this moment. Percy swallows, looking around the room.

Her lips find their way to the base of his jaw, pressing two long kisses to the stubble that lines his skin. His mind is going too fast Percabeth start dating fanfic him to handle — all he can think about is how sick he feels. Percy chokes. This is the opposite of cute. This is disgusting. I am the definition of trash. He obliges after a second tug on his arm, but not before squeezing her back into his grasp and peppering kisses wherever he can reach on her face and neck. It deepens impossibly more when the classmate from earlier somehow manages to find her and stop her halfway across campus.

The entire conversation flows in one ear and out the other, to be completely honest. So he closes his mouth and bites his tongue when the other guy smirks subtly. She slides her hand back into his when he walks away, and she looks up at him accusingly. He only smiles innocently, pecking her on the nose. Percy rolls his eyes. His body covers her, elbows going to either side of her shoulders so he can lean down and kiss her properly. Even if she never wants to go public, he loves her so much and could never leave her.

If this is what she wants for now, then he will stand by her. She surges forwards to catch his lips again. I love you, and I want people to know. Percy can hardly help when he pulls her in for a hug. Like always, she fits him perfectly. She is his second half, and she always has been. Percy enjoys getting to look at people around him. He genuinely wants to look at people and find out about their lives. Percy wants to know about why the girl in front of him is in paint-covered overalls, or what she had been drawing that led to the stains of graphite on her left hand.

He wants to discover what she uses in her hair to make it look so soft and gold, and what her curls feel like wrapped around his finger. Instead, he just watches. He even comes to learn that she enjoys painting too, though it should have been obvious from the way so many of her clothes are covered in an array of colors.

on AO3. The second that Annabeth walks into the party, she knows exactly how this night is going to be because Percy Jackson is there, staring back at her. At one point in time Percy could melt her with just one smile. Now all she sees is stone. Her heart pounds because there is no escaping this.

She is stuck in this moment, frozen in time. The spell only breaks when Percy pulls his eyes away from her, choosing to look down in his lap. That the lost the one person who loved her more than anything, and it was her fault. The Percy that loved Christmas, that used to tug a Santa hat onto her head and kiss her, abandoning the sugar cookies on the counter, that when she was looking at the shining lights, he was looking at her. Still, despite herself, she makes her way to the group of friends on the seats.

The one seat available is the one next to him. Keep reading. Character A and Character B are estranged childhood best friends, percabeth, this is definitely my favorite day. Her curls are pretty and blonde, not a hair out of place. The first thing he really notices, though, is that she looks sad. Percy was never the kid to step out and make friends first. But she looked like she could use it. She looks up from where her feet were kicking at the dirt, covering her pretty princess shoes in specks of black and brown. Her eyes are a striking grey — the kind that he could not possibly forget, even at the ripe age of seven.

He tries again the next day when he finds her sitting by herself on the same swings during recess. That wonderfully dull day when the grey clouds rolled overhead on a chilly October day. It was the day the clouds matched her eyes too, he remembers. The tears roll down her face, and matching tears roll down his.

They experience love and heartbreak and friendship and tears at once, and always together. So young and wrongfully full of hope. But that was them too. Hopeful and bright, wishing of a future together. At eighteen years old, he remembers their promise to find each other again.

Percy can look back on it with a smile, because twenty was so young. So much life yet to come. But they had been ready to marry each other. Percy Jackson is eighteen years old when he gets his first girlfriend.

At twenty-two years old, he now understands that he was always in love with Annabeth. It was rooted so deep inside of him that it made him who he was. He was so young when he met her that he was still creating himself and his personality, and when she became a part of his life, she became a part of him. Annabeth remembers herself as a little girl, gazing up at the sky lined with stars. The stars covered the night sky like dots of glittering paint against an endless black canvas.

It was so surreal, and she knew in that moment that she wanted to go to those stars. She spent her whole life trying to reach those stars, but in this moment, she hesitated. Is this really what she wants? Part of her screams out to the night sky. She wants nothing more than to leave in that instant, to follow her heart, follow her desires, find her voice and her freedom. She wants to live.

Percabeth start dating fanfic

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