Percy jackson and piper mclean dating fanfiction

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It's in the freaking PM right now. Just swell. Anyways, this update is a bit different but oh the dang well, it's a five shot so, it's not like this will be too long before I finish everything. K, I'll shut up now and let you guys read. It was a nice and peaceful Monday morning. Birds were chirping.

Trees were swaying in a light zephyr that was sweeping past. The sun was shining. It was a scene cut out of a movie. But that was exactly what Piper Mclean's life was: a movie. Everyday, following a script, making sure to keep her emotions in check, faking for the "camera". Wake up, get dressed, eat, and leave for school. Following the mental script she had made for herself in her head. Piper, of course, didn't see how robotic and inhuman like she was getting because the only thing that plagued her mind was her dad.

Tristan Mclean. As Piper entered her car, the Lamborghini, she couldn't stop the flashbacks from penetrating her mind. She knew what her parents were doing upstairs and they were both probably too far in it to hear her. Meaning that Aphrodite was knocked out cold as Tristan carved words into her flesh with his knife. The carvings weren't deep though, they were never deep.

Which only made everything worse. Tristan Mclean was a maniac, almost always drunk or high. Everyday he would inhale at least a bottle of drugs, wine, or beer. Except when there were movie shoots. Aphrodite was the perfect mother.

Caring, sweet, and kind. She always had time for Piper. That is, before Tristan Mclean had broke her beyond repair. Those were saved for guests and special occasions " she said with concern, once her eyes landed on the wine. My memory is deteriorating from lack of sleep and stress.

Not to mention I couldn't just put her down, because I can't get any backlash on social media and in the acting world", Tristan mumbled taking a long drink of the wine before slamming it down, making Aphrodite flinch, both from his harsh words and his harsh bottle slamming. The reason why she didn't address what he said about his mother is because she didn't want to provoke him. She was a pacifist and really didn't like any fighting. Even by being with you, I'm losing fame".

Have Piper with you? To keep you happy and so I could get famous. But apparently that isn't enough", Tristan mused. Ignoring the tears in her eyes, Aphrodite cried out, "But Tristan. You didn't love me? Did you ever love me? And what about Piper? Did you ever love her? You didn' t get me fame, you didn't get me prosperity, you didn't give me love. If you loved me, you would have gotten me what I wanted. I might as well leave this home. But of course I would get backlash", Tristan growled, fisting the table. She had heard everything.

You haven't made me famous, you haven't done anything for me. I spent so much money on you, it's ridiculous". I'll do anything", Piper said with tears in her eyes. Sadness welling up in her as she tried her best to hold the tears in. I made these up. So I can get promoted and suggested to world famous companies and have a chance to get the fame I deserve", Tristan sneered. Now go do some work. Do something actually useful for this family for once in your life.

Not trying to be offensive, just stating facts. Sure, she had gotten slapped before when she pushed him in an argument. But she had deserved that one, even though he was scaring her at the time. But this one was so out of character for him. Must be the boozeAphrodite thought. He's a good person. He wouldn't hurt me in a conscious state. This whole time Piper was staring in shock at everything going on, too petrified to move as she watched her father's retreating figure, going up the stairs. After he was out of sight, Piper slumped down next to her mother, as the waterworks started.

Tears and tears falling for hours and hours. All the misery in the world coning into one monster. She knew she wouldn't be able to sleep that night. With the memories from today plaguing her mind, she couldn't do anything rather than have her father's angry words replaying in the back of her mind.

She muffled a sob as she replayed the part where he said he didn't love her. I will date Jason by the end of this week". Little did she know, there was more to her father's claim than "I want you to date Percy jackson and piper mclean dating fanfiction so his mother could promote me". She was always too shy to talk to Jason, not to mention that he had a girlfriend.

Piper was a pacifist as well as her mother and she wasn't about to cause drama by stealing Jason's girlfriend, Reyna, away from him. To him, it was all a manipulation. Please, just give me one more week. Tristan pretended to think for a second, but it was all just part of the plan. A week more, then I'm leaving if I don't get what I want understood? As per usual. She sighed, getting out of her fluffy covers. She wanted her father to love her, but the wine and beer was just bringing him farther away.

She knew she couldn't do much about it and that all she could do was go to school and try to get Jason to like her. So she did. As she pulled up to Goode High on her bike, Piper looked at the huge billboard in the front of the school displaying, "It's always a Good day at Goode High". Needless to say, she disagreed with both claims. She parked her black Silverback bike that she called Katoptris in the most inconspicuous bike slot, meaning next to the dumpsters.

But Piper didn't care. She never cared. Getting out of the car and walking towards the school in an almost robotic like fashion, Piper couldn't help but feel empty. Can she win her father's love back? At all? She had read about abusive stories and it was always about the person having hope that they could change the abusive person in their life. Daddy isn't abusive Piper thought. I can win him back. He loved me before. The booze is making him like this. He loved me before the booze. If I take away Daddy's drinks and not allow him to bring more in the house, I can win his love back!

And we can go back to the perfect family again! Piper thought. She wanted to shout for joy right at that Percy jackson and piper mclean dating fanfiction, but if only she knew how naive she was being. As soon as her foot touched the threshold, Piper dropped her backpack and bolted to the wine cellar.

And what she saw was not what she expected. Which means that Tristan had been drinking on average 5 bottles a day. Piper obviously didn't realize how bad her father's drinking problem was. She still had to get rid of bottles of wine though and she wasn't too happy about that. Nevertheless, Piper laboured away for 2 hours in the dingy place, moving bottles off the shelves and placing them in huge boxes.

Each one was heavier than half of Piper's weight so she had no choice but to painfully drag the boxes up the cellar stairs and out the front door. It's fine Daddy loves me so he will listen to me on this subject. If I got him to remember life before the drinks, I can get him to listen to me. By that time, Piper was racing down the stairs and saw Tristan hunched over the kitchen table in the same position Piper found him in the first day of drinking.

Unless this is about you dating Jason I don't wanna hear it", Tristan grumbled, annoyed. Daddy no! Think about how happy we were before the drinks! Think about how happy you made Mom and me! Please Daddy! I was dying on the inside for every second that I spent with you two. It's time for me to think about myself", Tristan glared.

Percy jackson and piper mclean dating fanfiction

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