Pretty little liars when do spencer and toby start dating

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They have an instant bond and seem to be so good for each other. They're also a bit of an unlikely pair: ambitious, perfect Spencer can be pretty cold at times, but she softens every time she sees Toby, who has a rugged country boy sensibility. What if Spencer had a major love story that didn't involve Toby? Lucas Brendan Robinson doesn't have any love stories throughout the seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars which is definitely a shame.

He's totally in love with Hanna Marin Ashley Benson but if the writers had chosen to have him date Spencer, it would have made sense because they're both people who have gotten caught up in what other people expect from them.

Everyone in Rosewood sees Lucas as a nerdy guy, and everyone sees Spencer as a perfectionist following in her sister's memory. They're both a lot more than that, though. Sean Ackard Chuck Hittinger isn't quite as mature and smart as Spencer, and if they were to be together, he would need to work on himself a lot. Sean is Hanna's boyfriend at the beginning of the show, and they both behave pretty badly in the relationship, as she doesn't have any self-confidence and they're both on different s.

But relationships can really change someone and that could happen with Sean and Spencer, so it's interesting to picture this pair. Spencer and Marco Nicholas Gonzalez have a fling, so they could definitely have dated in a more serious manner. In the seventh season, Marco is introduced as a cop who is new to Rosewood, and his intelligence is a great match for super smart Spencer.

Spencer likes Ian Ryan Merriman even though he dates and then marries Pretty little liars when do spencer and toby start dating sister Melissa Torrey DeVitto and while that's super awkward, he had more chemistry with Spencer than he did with Melissa. If Melissa was out of the picture and had fallen for someone else, there's no reason why Ian and Spencer couldn't have gotten it a try.

Sure, he ended up dying tragically, but they could have dated before that happened Spencer kisses Jonny Raymond Will Bradley in season five, and this was at a point in Toby and Spencer's relationship when they weren't exactly in a "happily ever after" kind of place. Jonny and Spencer have a very flirty situation going on, especially when he says she has a terrible look on her face and seems to want her attention. Spencer meets him at The Brew as he's an artist who is doing some work there.

He's also sleeping in the barn in Spencer's backyard for the time being. Colin Oliver Kieran-Jones and Spencer kiss in the fifth season as well, this time when she goes to London and meets him. He's an elementary school teacher who is charming and smart. Colin and Spencer could definitely end up together if it wasn't for Toby and if she decided to stay in England.

It's pretty easy to imagine Spencer living in that country as she's very prim and proper at times. Hanna makes it clear that she and Jordan David Coussins aren't in it for the long haul, so why couldn't he ask Spencer out? They have dated the same men before more on that later so it wouldn't be such a betrayal, especially since Hannah breaks up with Jordan in order to be with Caleb, who is obviously her soulmate.

Jordan is definitely a grown-up, which isn't always the case on this show, so Spencer would be interested in dating him. Alex Santiago Diego Boneta and Spencer date when they start flirting because he works for the country club that she's a member of. Melissa messes things up, but if that hadn't happened, these two could have had a much longer relationship. Spencer isn't actually a snob, even though she has grown up very rich and privileged, so she would be totally fine to date someone from a different, less wealthy background.

Andrew Campbell Brandon W. Jones is a smart guy who Spencer meets because they're both on the Rosewood High Decathlon team. He and Aria date in the fifth season, but he seems like someone who is more up Spencer's alley. While Aria is definitely smart, Spencer is arguably the most intelligent person in their friend group and a lot more interested in studying, so it seems like Spencer and Andrew could have easily ended up together. It was wild to see Caleb Rivers Tyler Blackburn and Spencer date in season six and at first, it seemed like the worst.

But then Yes, he's Hanna's soulmate, but what if there was no Hanna and Toby didn't exist, either? Their chemistry is perfect, they get along so well, and they're drawn to each other. This romance works so well because Spencer even asks Hanna's permission and Hanna says it's okay for them to date. Aya Tsintziras is a freelance writer who writes about pop culture and TV.

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Pretty little liars when do spencer and toby start dating

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