Puppies in reno nv

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American Eskimo Puppy Love. Shar Puppies in reno nv Puppy Love. Australian Shepherd Puppy Love. Boston Terrier Puppy Love. French Bulldog Puppy Love. Cockalier Puppy Love. Cockapoo Puppy Love. Golden Retriever Puppy Love. Rottweiler Puppy Love. Yorkie Puppy Love. Peke-a-poo Puppy Love. Alaskan Klee Kai Puppy Love. Chinese Crested Poodle Puppy Love. Akita Puppy Love. Sheepadoodle Puppy Love. Pomsky Puppy Love. Labrador Retriever Puppy Love. Mini Goldendoodle 2nd Gen. Puppy Love. Your source of Lovable Puppies and more! Stuite Sparks, NV Testimonials of Happy Families.

Ozzy the awesome mini Aussie We got Ozzy on December He was 4 months old then. The Ozzy Predmore family. This shop is very clean. I would recommend them. All dogs or puppies need homes. I got a Dalmatian fromPuppy Love. I went to get a yorkie and seen him.

My amazing husband bought him for me. They weren't going to sell us him because of things people say about that breed but I have proved them all wrong. He is amazing with my young boys. And he has the best personality ever he is so calm and patient. So thankful I found him. So thank you for letting him have a chance with a family with children. Thus just proves they aren't mean it just depends on how you raise them.

So thank you again for letting us have a chance to be a family. He is one of my boys. I would go to the end of the world for him. Great customer service Came in yesterday and was helped by Lauren and Will. Was the best customer service I have ever had. They were both so polite and helpful with all my questions. Lauren has such a sweet smile and Will knows his stuff.

I have been a Veterinary Technologist for a few years now and even some of the people I work with do not know as much as he does. Vet Technologist. Puppy Love Puppies in reno nv us find our best friend I am so happy with the decision I made to purchase my puppy through Puppy Love. He has been the perfect dog and he's barely 7 months. We have never had any health issues with him. He is extremely loyal, intelligent and so loving!

I decided to finance him instead of paying in full and it's really nice how they work with you on that. I'm currently planning on getting him a companion soon too, so thanks Puppy Love! He's been the best blessing ever! Amber, South Lake Tahoe. Great selection of healthy pups. The store has popular breeds and happy, healthy puppies. Recommended to everyone who owns a dog or is looking for a best friend. Great place Originally that day we wanted to look for a kitten, but we came across puppies plus and immediately fell in love with a chorkie. I have been wanting on for years now and my husband finally caved.

We named him Rodger and the sales associate was wonderful, she made sure we left with the needed supplies and important information. All the puppies were so cute, but Rodger is the best fit for us right now. Hopefully we can go back and get a Huskie someday :. Awesome Store I bought my male Yorkie there last year, he is a great dog, has always been very healthy.

The people that work there were endlessly helpful getting me everything I needed to take my new puppy home too! This would be the first place I would look if I wanted another puppy. See All Testimonials.

Puppies in reno nv

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