Relationship after 1 year

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The starting of any new relationship is a magical affair. It includes all the Relationship after 1 year messages, the hurried meetings and the unending enthusiasm. Cut to the same relationship, 1 year later, and all these metrics seem to calm down from their steroidal tendencies. Does that mean the relationship is not working? Hell to the no, fam! First, congratulations on surviving the honeymoon period!

The first year will be spent in getting to know each other. Everything induces curiosity. However, one year into it, there is better understanding and thus more constructive conversations. Once the relationship starts stabilising, there is always going to be more life alignment. From vacation planning to shifting in togetherthe conversations are no longer in the no-venturing zone.

This would include meeting the best friends, the sisters, the childhood buddies--everything. Additionally, it would mean making mental notes about the dynamics your ificant other shares with the said person and getting familiarised to the overall situation to navigate it better. The urgency of texting and calling will reduce in comparison to the starting of the relationship. Over time, it becomes more passionate, more in-tune with your needs.

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Relationship after 1 year

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