Remington 700 sps tactical hs precision stock

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Warning Close. Confirm Action Are you sure you wish to do this? Confirm Cancel. Member. Register? Precision Rifles ยป Bolt Action Rifles. Site Notices. Won an auction for a Remington NJ, USA. No, but it will greatly improve the accuracy of the rifle. Shoot Quickly ,Accurately and Safely. PA, USA. Better than factory crap-ass hogue. Com: The Victim Olympics of Quote History. Originally Posted By Dsparil: Better than factory crap-ass hogue.

MN, USA. Not sure on that model, but some remington 's did. My varmint fluted synthetic did. I liked the stock so much, i put one on my remington vls 6mm. IL, USA. Ltr came in a hs, along with pss, vssf, and vsf. TX, USA. The rifle you won most likely had a take-off HS stock installed on it.

The single front sling studs were the earlier models, and the double front sling mounts were later revisions or installed on a PSS rifle originally. Picked the rifle up. It does have a HS Precision stock. OD with black web and palm swell. Identical to my 5r stock except for the recoil pad is longer. As a plus it has a very nice bedding job and a Jewell trigger. Then of course where HS stock had improperly installed bedding blocks. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. R W Emerson. LA, USA.

View Quote View All Quotes. WA, USA. Did the ole Police guns have HS stocks? Mine certainly feels like it does. They did This one came in a HS stock. Someone else must have added it. I had already acquired a HS 5r stock to put this rifle in. Anybody interested in a HS Precison stock let me know. OD with black web. Anybody know anything about this scope? View Quote x I had never seen anything that cheaply made.

The stock was not even worth giving away. The barrel and action now sits in a Manners T2A stock. My LTR had a much better stock.

Remington 700 sps tactical hs precision stock

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