Rescue dogs tacoma

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I'm a big fan of the misunderstood, the vilified, the underdogthe breaking of myths. We are small but mighty! We will try to help any animal in need, but we are especially passionate about the underdogs that are overlooked because of Rescue dogs tacoma breed or health issues. Funding and foster homes are always needed, and they are our biggest hurdles we face when saving lives. We have raised money to give dogs a second chance who were going to be euthanized due to broken legs or training challenges. These are dogs that are truly down on their luck and looking for their last chance. We have rescued and saved many cats as well that had no place to go.

We are foster home-based, so we cannot do this without their amazing support. We also work with many shelters to help get dogs out and adopted. We have close relationships with many great veterinarians in the Western Washington area. Even if we cannot take an animal due to space or funding, we will always try to help find other alternatives by utilizing our rescue partners and other resources.

Our own adoption process includes an application, vet reference checks, as well as a home visit. We want to ensure that once we have rescued an animal, that animal will never need to be rescued again.

Rescue dogs tacoma

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