Riot matchmaking bad

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or Log In. the leading League of Legends community. Create and share Champion Guides and Builds. Social. Create Social Register. It's time for the Midseason 11 Guide Contest! Can prove Riot's matchmaking and balance are bad. Creator: Dyto June 24, am. Forums General Discussion Can prove Riot's matchmaking and Riot matchmaking bad are bad. Apr 30th, Notable 2. So first off let me say the following statistics were developed using GDevelop over about 3 hours and are not a direct reflection of in-game statistics, please understand the difference and how they relate though Ok, so the APP I deed has a pool of 40 players Just lines of code and a "Champion Selection" of 15, with 5 being obviously overpowered Again just lines of code, they're given triple stats of the other "Champions".

The first "Games" are just cumulative random rolls of champion selection where each "Player" develops a baseline of player winrate and champion winrate. After the first rolls, it re the of the games, giving higher probability of playing champions they played that had higher winrate I had to rewrite at this point because everybody wanted to play those same 5 champions. The first rewrite happened because everybody overwhelmingly chose the overpowered champions and it became a 5v5 statistic gather tool.

In the next rewrite I had to create an "At most" limit of only 3 Sometims a team had 3 overpowered, sometimes 1 or 2 overpowered champions per team and the rest would go to other "Champions" that were not overpowered. This made the much more interesting and after rerunning it for "Games" again for new with rewrite. So now for matchmaking, each "Player" had a baseline "Winrate" which I called "Skill", I had to split the coding down two paths for matchmaking This ended up I had to increase the player pool to to break them into tiers and match them up and I raised the initial limit to games This took forever to get through.

After the rewrite, and again the initial games I got through games of both matchmaking codes, but no major changes happened to first code. I'm going to add Riot's "Balance" Riot matchmaking bad of pushing buffs and nerfs based on winrate on both iterations of matchmaking code but thats going to be a huge overhaul lol I need time. Jan 3rd, Remarkable Quick question, did the randomness have the bias of synergy between the champions? This happens a lot more than just picking overpowered champions.

Apr 20th, Any updates on this MFN.

Riot matchmaking bad

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Can prove Riot's matchmaking and balance are bad.