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If we have missed anything, please use the CONTACT tab above to us so we can assist in answering any additional questions you have. Why should I attend a Allures event? Our goal is to make Allures the 1 choice in the Northern California Sacramento lifestyle party scene. Hotel Themed Dances: This is an opportunity to have fun and dress up in sensual nightclub or theme attire, around other like-minded people, with a sexy ultra lounge dance party vibe.

This venue also offers the option for on-premise play. We provide a classy atmosphere and put a great deal of thought and effort into making each event a unique experience for our guests. There is a large dance floor, a go-go stage, a stripper pole, VIP areas, and a cash bar. Fantasy Fridays: These more intimate events are perfect for your Friday evening outing. Sexy and casual with a sultry air.

Sometimes BYOB, sometimes cash bar. This provides a safe environment to meet people you have been communicating with online, etc. I'm new, what do I do when I get there? We love new people! Upon arriving, you will be directed to an area where you can check in with the Event Couple or Event Hostess. They will be happy to show you around and introduce you to some people. There are actually 3 types of s.

Log In : Allures patrons may purchase tickets to our events via this site without creating a profile or ing Club Allures. Profile : Allures patrons may create a Log In as above and then choose to populate it with photos and other profile information about who they are and what they are seeking. You do not have to create a Profile to purchase tickets to our events, but we recommend you do so. Club Allures Members: Allures patrons may create a Log In and a Profile as aboveand then choose to purchase a monthly, quarterly, or annual membership.

This exclusive membership will give you great perks such Sacramento swingers clubs discounts on events and VIP seating; priority ticketing for high volume events; and attendance to "Members Only" events. At some events, we also have a sex swing, a St Andrews double sided cross, a positional sex horse and more. The Play Suite is open for use by all couples, single females, and their guest s that have been admitted to the Allures dance event in the ballroom that evening.

Admission wrist bands required. Couples must enter together and depart together. Females are permitted entry on their own. All males MUST be in the company of a couple or a female, as their guest, and will depart as the couple or female departs. Single males are permitted to attend in conjunction with meeting certain requirements. See our Singles Policy below. Clean sheets and towels will be provided. Please bring your own condoms, lube and toys. The Play Suite is staffed by Allures personnel to assure a safe and sensuous experience for everyone.

Guests are asked to be in lingerie or less while in the Play Suite. Voyeurs are welcome, but staff reserves the right to ask that they vacate the room to make space for those wishing to actually participate in the play. Please bring a cover up with you to move about the social areas or to the restrooms.

Additionally, there are sleeping rooms available for you to reserve which will allow you to participate in after party activities in the privacy of your own room. Sexual activity is not permitted in the event room due to local laws and hotel policy. This is so that everyone feels welcome in this "mixer" environment. Please see the Event for venue specifics. Do I have to dress in Sacramento swingers clubs for the theme dances? The suggested attire or costumes for our theme dances are just suggestions.

Sexy club wear is always an option. It is not a requirement for you to dress in the theme of the event. But it's fun to do so! How sexy can I dress? So that means dress as sexy as you would like in the dance club space. With the exception of a bit of flashing, your most intimate areas do need to remain covered.

Pasties are required in the dance and social areas. Be prepared though, as the night progresses many members are known to slip into sexy lingerie and LESS! In the Play Suite areas, full on nakey or lingerie please. Please insure all intimate areas are covered at all times. When you leave the event room to move through the public areas, the lobby, to your guest room, or outside for air or smoking, you will want to insure that you are covered enough for public viewing since the venue is open to the public.

How do I know which guests are with Allures? We typically will have an area reserved for us, simply ask the Hostess where the Allures group is. Additionally, our group will be wearing a Allures wrist band. Who can attend Allures Events? It's best if you can RSVP here on our website, or on one of our profile sites, but walk-in's are welcome.

There may be "vanilla" guests at these events as well, depending on the event. What is your policy on singles attending your events? Alures is "couples centric". Most events are couples only. Single females and single males that ly purchased a Club Allures Membership are grandfathered into events, and may attend as usual, and renew their memberships if so desired. If you don't have a profile on any other site, and would like one By using these links you can get a free day profile.

They must be escorted by a female. Males must stay with Sacramento swingers clubs escort at all times. If their escort leaves, then he must leave also. Failure to comply will result in immediate removal from the party without refund, and banned from future events. These tables are located nearest the dance floor. Limited availability, so reserve early! Reserved VIP Cabana : This is an intimate, reserved area that includes a couch, love seat and coffee table.

The area is draped and sensually lit. Pictures of the VIP Cabanas are available on the individual event. I found a cheaper room deal online. Why should I call and book under Allures if I can get my room cheaper through another means? Although you are welcome to reserve your room through whatever means you prefer, if you do not reserve your room under Allures, you Sacramento swingers clubs not be located on the Allures floors.

Reserving under Allures provides you with a goodie bag at checkin, discounted room price, and your room placement on our Allures blocked floors. Can I bring my own alcohol to the events? Our hotel event locations are legitimate businesses with commercial liquor s. Due to the laws of the State of California, they cannot allow outside alcohol in the event room. However, full bars are available inside each event where you can purchase alcohol. If you have a room, you Sacramento swingers clubs welcome to have alcohol in your room for your afterparty.

The only exception is our BYOB events, in which you can bring your own. How much is the admission donation? What if I am also booking a hotel room? May I take photos while at Allures events? There is a photo area in the foyer for a photo op. All Rights Reserved.

Sacramento swingers clubs

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