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Boxers rank as one of the most popular breeds in the U. They are the sweetest friend you can have that is full of loyalty and intelligence. If you have your heart set on this champion snuggler in California, you have the best seat in the house. Here are the top 7 boxer breeders in California. The duo behind Telstar Boxers is owners, Jennifer and Gene, that have over 35 years of breeding excellence. Through their breeding program, they aim to produce a quality San diego boxer breeders puppy who is structurally sound, healthy, and ideal temperament.

The breeder updates its website regularly on current and planned litters. If you would like to buy from this breeder, we recommend you to check their Boxer puppies tab. For information on pricing and policies, please contact the breeder. The couple began breeding Boxers puppies in whilst in college and have made it their lifelong passion. They specialize in breeding Boxer puppies in California as family dogs and show or working dogs.

Before breeding, careful planning goes into every litter considering all aspects of an ideal Boxer — health, conformation, and temperament. Their boys and girls are AKC registered and have superb health and temperaments. Being so transparent about health and genetic testing their parent dogs makes this Boxer breeder extremely reputable.

For information on pricing and shipping policy, please reach out to Soleil Boxers California via their contact form. They strive to produce show-quality AKC Boxer puppies who thrive in conformation to the purebred standard. Purchasing a boxer from this Boxer breeder in California is straightforward. Before leaving for their lifetime homes, the Boxer puppies are potty trained and socialized to adjust well to an array of situations. Each Boxer puppy comes with a months health guarantee against genetic illnesses. Anden Boxers is a small kennel in Southern California that specializes in breeding boxers as working dogs and family companions.

The breeder strives to improve the temperament, health, intelligence, and correctness of the Boxer structure according to the AKC purebred standard. Their litters are born and raised at the center of their home in a loving and caring environment.

In addition, they expose their Boxer puppies in California to the sounds and sights of different environments with humans and pets. They feed all their Boxers an all-natural raw food diet that follows closely to what mother nature intended for canines. The puppies also follow this dog food diet to get the best start in life. This means you might need to wait for 6 to 14 months before getting your Boxer puppy home. They began raising select Boxer puppies to form a breeding program that has thrived and grown for years.

In addition, each of their puppies will come with a wonderful temperament and be well socialized. This reduces the amount of stress and anxiety they have when going to their forever home. Before breeding, Havenwood ensures all their dams and sires are in excellent health and genetic condition. You can check out their health records on their website. They raise their Boxer litters in their home where they receive a lot of love, affection, and socialization.

Their Boxer puppies in California also receive vaccinations and deworming. Each pup comes with a health guarantee, AKC registration papers, a chew toy, and lifetime support. Your Boxer puppy may be a future show dog champion! Baldwin Boxers is a breeder in Devore, Southern California. They breed quality Boxer puppies that excel in health, show conformation, and temperament.

They strive to produce the ideal Boxer that will excel as a show dog or companion dog. In addition, Baldwin Boxers is active in the show dog community and has won many awards in America and Canada. Their boys and girls are AKC registered and cleared for any genetic and health conditions prior to breeding puppies. Upcoming litters are regularly updated on the website. The puppy and their littermates are also well-socialized together. To purchase a Boxer puppy, you will need to fill in a questionnaire that takes 10 to 12 minutes to fill.

Once this is done, the breeder will contact you and place you on the waiting list. Every one of their Boxer puppies for sale in California comes with a health guarantee and lifetime support. Shipping options are available and upon discussion with the breeder. dams and sires have excelled in performance and conformation to the Boxer purebred standard.

Puppy socialization starts on day 3 to 14, where the breeder performs Neurological Stimulation exercises. As the pups grow, the breeder exposes them to new experiences to boost confidence in unfamiliar situations. When placing the puppies, the breeder focuses on temperament and how well the puppy will fit into your family dynamic.

While this Boxer breeder will try their best to accommodate your preferences on the sex, marking, or coat color of the puppy, please keep an open mind. The fee is inclusive of the first vaccine series, AKC registration papers, veterinarian check, and microchip and chip registration. Shipping options are per discussion with the breeder. The average wait time is 6 months before you will receive a Boxer puppy. There are many reputable Boxer breeders in California. Boxer Association for more qualified breeders.

Check out these other articles:. This site does not constitute pet medical advice, please consult a d veterinarian in your area for pet medical advice. Anden Boxers California Anden Boxers is a small kennel in Southern California that specializes in breeding boxers as San diego boxer breeders dogs and family companions. San diego boxer breeders Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy.

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San diego boxer breeders

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