Save the animals save the earth

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It's heart rending to see dogs running around in circles with crackers tied to their tails especially during festival times. Come Sankranti and there are many birds rushed to the vets with injuries on their feet and wings. Fear, dislike and hatred are the basic negative emotions found majorly in human beings.

These emotions lead us to partake in many activities which are not expected of us. There are many people who ill-treat their own pets by keeping them tied up all the time, not giving them enough to eat and definitely not playing with them or petting them. Cruelty towards animals is not limited to stray mammals and reptiles alone. For material gains, human beings across the world have permitted themselves to trade wild animals and plants. In most countries there are laws against wildlife trade, but trade and traffic of wildlife and animal products still continues everywhere.

Due to this there is a serious imbalance in nature, which cannot be rectified easily. When was the last you saw a leopard and tiger? News is that their s are dwindling. Leopards, cats, wolves, foxes, tigers, snakes and crocodiles are killed for their skins. Rhinos are killed for their horns. Elephants and wild boar are killed for the Ivory we get from their tusks. Hogs, pigs, mongoose and squirrels are killed for their hair, which is used to make paint brushes and shaving brushes.

Swiftlet's nests, fresh water turtles and frogs are traded for consumption. Whales, sea horses, spiny tailed lizards, bear and pangolin are traded for medicine. Many mammals are traded to be kept as pets. Butterflies and dragonflies are traded for ornamental value.

Most of us are not aware of many of the things that are happening in the world and hence are unable to stop such things. So what can we do as children? Ensure you take good care of pets. While flying kites, use the thread that is not treated with powdered glass. When you come across any injured squirrel, dog or cat, Save the animals save the earth them to the nearest vet. Most of the birds found in cages at pet shops do not belong to our country; hence freeing them into our air space will make them prey to local birds.

The best option would be to go to the Nehru Zoological Park and give them to the curator after a prior appointment. Start a save the animals club in your school and see what steps you can implement in you neighbourhood. Avoid getting exotic pets and instead give shelter to a stray cat or dog. Say no to products that are tested on animals. Form student groups and think of ways and means to spread the word against cruelty to animals. Animals only require a lot of love and care and if we give this to them, we will be giving ourselves a lot of happiness and peace.

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Save the animals save the earth

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Save the Animals, Save the Planet?