Saw friends boyfriend on dating site

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That awkward moment. How do you approach it when you have a pre-existing relationship with them? It can be very daunting. This situation poses a major moral dilemma that you hoped you would never have to face. Depending on his geography settings, he could just be looking at you right at that same second, too.

If roles were reversed, you would want to know if your partner was two-timing you. Girls can be jealous and catty when they want to be, and the last thing you want is more drama flying at you like a carefully calculated missile. But your girlfriend really is that crazy about this new guy she probably picked up off Tinder, and when she falls, she falls hard for the boys. So you need to obtain proof. Usually, capturing a screenshot is as easy as clicking two buttons at the same time on your smart phone. What possible reason could she have to doubt you? It might be a good idea to have a little incognito conversation with her before you mention anything.

Have you considered that maybe they Saw friends boyfriend on dating site both agreed and opted to be in an open relationship? Then you just come across as a crazy person if you go and bring it up to her. Try picking her brain a bit to find out if she is still on Tinder, or would consider going on it for the fun of swiping, rather than to find another partner. Time to put on your best Sherlock Holmes face and have at it. Maybe he was just her hugely attractive party date or maybe they are just friends with benefits.

Who are you to judge who she spends her time with? It might be worth doing a bit more investigating into her Facebook. Are they in a relationship status together? How many photos are posted of them together? Is he tagged in any of them? Does he ever "like" or comment on any of her posts? That might be in indicator of a full-fledged relationship, which will make it easy for you to see that your paranoia about him is justified.

Maybe she will have similar info to corroborate your story, which will make it easier to go and tell Saw friends boyfriend on dating site friend. Either way, having a sounding board might give you the push you need to take action, or the info you need to stop worrying. In either scenario, telling another person will likely make you feel better as you will have someone else with whom you share the burden.

You would totally call him out. Tell him you need to talk to him, meet for coffee and then drop the bomb on him. That sounds like a threat, so maybe your friend has more to worry about than cheating. May as well try it.

You two had coffee and you got some information from him about their current relationship status. He did ask you what you were planning to do, and seemed a bit worried about it. You decide you are going to threaten him. Still, she has a right to know. Some men are just manipulators.

This one is going to take your Inspector Gadget sleuthing skills to the next level. You can decide to do your utmost to forget what you saw and push it as far from your mind as humanly possible. You have other things to worry about. The Bachelor is coming back on television so that should help. You make the conscious effort not to tell her. Either way, at least for now, you are staying tight-lipped. And your friend has been pretty awful to you lately, constantly blowing you off for both him and her other friends.

What kind of friendship is that? Proceed with caution on this one. You wrack your brain trying to come up with a way that she finds out without you having to do the dirty deed. You even mention to her that you confronted her boyfriend about it and were met with some anger and resentment. Then you thank her for her secrecy and her friendly ear and you wait. Thank you, big mouth! Why not plant the seed in her head to find out for herself? Is there even a right thing to do in this situation? The scenario could play out in two ways: bad or mediocre, not great. Your only option left is to flip a coin and really just leave it up to chance.

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Saw friends boyfriend on dating site

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