Seeking for passion

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Founder of Zen Habits and expert in habits building and goals achieving. Read full profile. Staying in your current job will not only continue to leave you feeling stuck and make you unhappy, but you are not realizing your full potential in life. You get up early, jumping out of bed, excited to go to work. Work is not work as many people refer to it, but something that is fun and interesting and exciting. Do you have a hobby or something you loved doing asbut never considered it as a possibility for a job? Open a comic book shop, or create a comic book site online.

Now you just need to research the possibilities of making money from it. There may be a few possibilities here for you, and all of them are possible career paths. Look into them until you feel your heart is content, and this will help you get started Seeking for passion you learn how to find your passion.

It can simply be a paper full of random notes or even doodles. All of this will eventually come in handy later. Look around your house, on your computer, or on your bookshelf for inspiration, and write down whatever comes to mind. There are no bad ideas at this stage. There are likely people you admire in life, and there are things about them that you would like to replicate in yourself. Go to them if possible, and pick their brain.

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The more possibilities you find, the more likely your chances of learning how to find your passion in the long run. This may mean that you spend time talking to friends and family, coworkers, or even acquaintances in your free time. Know as much about your passion as possible. If this has been a passion for a while, you may have already been doing this.

At any rate, do even more research.

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Read every website possible on the topic, and buy the best books available. Find other people, either in your area or on the Internet, who do what you want to do for a living, and quiz them about the profession. How much do they make, and what training and education did they need? What skills are necessary, and how did they get their start? What recommendations do they have? If you want to make money— to be a professional —you need to have professional skills. Get very good at your future career, and you will make money at it.

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Start over again and find a new passion. There may be more than one passion in your lifetime, so explore all the possibilities.

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Keep trying, and try again until you succeed. If you need a little help, the Make It Happen Handbook can provide you with a solid action plan to help you turn your passion in your career. Check out the handbook and start to live your passion! Put in the time to learn how to find your passion, and you will find that your days are more fulfilling and produce more happiness and well-being in the long-term. Featured photo credit: Dewet Willemse via unsplash. Passionate about self-growth and productivity Read full profile. If you are the kind of person who has a vision for life and has worked deliberately on creating goals for yourself to help you reach that vision, know that you are way ahead of the pack already.

As it happens, we all have good days and bad days.

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Although with good habitsthose bad days should be fleeting. Self-made millionaires all had to maintain good lifestyle habits to get where they are. From time to time, we all need a little push—a nudge to get us back on track. Here are some awesome motivational and inspirational quotes to help you focus and get back on track working on your goals.

We all have twenty—four hour days. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest. What they are thinking about you is their business. Be focused. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.

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Set your mind on your goal and let nothing distract you from it. Focus on your character, not your reputation. Focus on your blessings, not your misfortunes. Focus like a laser beam on your goals. You get by focusing on the actions that produce. Stay in peace, your breakthrough is coming.

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But rather than skimming, I urge you to read these quotes to help you focus on your goals and spend more than a moment pondering over their meaning. The amazing thing about motivational quotes is that they Seeking for passion a whole lot of value in a very short space, and the more you read them and re-read them, their meaning keeps unfolding. Read your favorite ones a few times and take it all in. Featured photo credit: Mika Baumeister via unsplash. Goal Getting Advertising. Leo Babauta Founder of Zen Habits and expert in habits building and goals achieving.

Share Pin it Tweet Share. Imagine this instead: You get up early, jumping out of bed, excited to go to work. More by this author Leo Babauta Founder of Zen Habits and expert in habits building and goals achieving. Read Next. Iulian Ionescu Passionate about self-growth and productivity Read full profile. Lucidchart: How to brainstorm: 4 ways to get the creative juices flowing. CNBC: 9 habits of highly successful people, from a man who spent 5 years studying them.

Seeking for passion

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How to Find Your Passion and Live a More Fulfilling Life