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News stories and community announcements concerning members of the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health, as well as interviews.

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July 6, Access the FlintSide story. July 19, In the U. Some of these populations are also exposed more to endocrine disruptors from air pollution and other sources. Access the story. about the committee. July 12, Access the Stanford Medicine News release. July 7, Yet few are taking precautions against the smoke.

Access the release. June 23, June 17, June 9, These students have fostered a sense of belonging and inspired enthusiasm among fellow grad students, enhancing the Stanford community through their exemplary leadership of a student organization, creation of an event or program, or other unique campus contribution. Read the announcement. Read the Stanford Today announcement.

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June 7, Access the full story. May 21, May 17, about Dr. Falasinnu's work. All talks were open to the public, and medical experts covered topics including Asian-American health care, violent conflict, applying for medical school, among others. Access the Stanford Daily story. May In the wake of decades of systemic racism that resulted in inequitable health care for racial and ethnic minorities, Stanford Medicine research and initiatives are underway to end that legacy.

Access the Stanford Medicine Magazine article. King and colleagues is featured in this Stanford Medicine Magazine article about Carmen, a computer program that speaks Spanish and English, that seems to be a boon for sedentary people seeking to adopt healthier habits.

Access the article. April 19, Access the Baylor Press Release. Access the Cancer Research study. April 23, Update. We have received the fantastic news that a figure associated with this study and submitted by authors to be included as a cover for the May 15, issue of Cancer Research has been accepted!

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about the cover here. May 14, It is our great pleasure to announce that the Office of Graduate Education has selected Dr. Read the Stanford Medicine News announcement. May 10, Access the Stanford News release. Eating whole soybeans, oat cereals and almonds is preferable to drinking their milks. May 5, Access the news release. April 26, April 29, A three-year trial of a multifaceted intervention for managing obesity in low-income, Latino children showed promising over two years.

Thomas Robinson, the Irving Schulman, M. April 23, In a presentation to the Stanford Faculty Senate on Thursday, the Committee of 10, charged with reviewing the Student Judicial Charter, recommended how the process might be refocused on education and made more efficient. Chair of the Committee of 10, Marcia Stefanick, is quoted. Access the Stanford Today release. Monitoring environmental compliance is a particular challenge for governments in poor countries.

A new machine learning approach that uses satellite imagery to pinpoint highly polluting brick kilns in Bangladesh could provide a low-cost solution. These awards are deed to foster and encourage outstanding students to pursue research careers in the fields of the natural sciences, engineering and mathematics. March 24, Christopher Gardner discusses the popularity of fermented foods in this SFGate news story. As more children and teens with diabetes use technology to treat the disease, US kids of lower socioeconomic Sex chat rooms Flintside are being increasingly left behind.

David Maahs, professor of pediatrics and senior author of the study, is featured. Access the Scope Blog post. March 15, Read the full announcement from Stanford Today. March 4, It is one of the oldest scientific academies in the world, established in and it had members like Galvani, Marconi, and Laura Bassi, the first female professor ever to get a salaried position at a university. The induction ceremony took place on Thursday, March 4,at the th annual inauguration session.

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The headquarters are at a beautiful 16th century palazzo, the Palazzo Poggi, and the experience was a bit unusual: an empty room and everyone ing by zoom pictured here! March March 1, Eventually, he hopes that the initiative influences science across the globe, with researchers consulting an 'Open by De at Stanford' guide, changing the way science is done at Stanford, and beyond.

March 3, Access the post. February 24, The Lab conducts critical research through a collaboration among academics, health-care providers and frontline trafficking experts and prosecutors, using promising innovations in modern data science. February 16, They are one of six teams to receive start-up funding from Stanford Impact Labs for Access the Stanford Impact Labs News release.

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Access the award announcement. February 11, February 9, Stanford epidemiologist Allison Kurian's past and present research on genetic testing and breast cancer is featured in this KHN story. Access this story. February 10, Access Scope Blog post. February 8, February 4, Stanford Scope Blog featured this new research in a new post. Access the study and Scope Blog post. January 27, Access the full press release. January 22, A Stanford-led study of twins with and without food allergies has uncovered differences in the fecal bacteria of allergic and non-allergic individuals.

Access this post. January 21, November 9, Julie Parsonnet's research on human body temperature is featured in this Discover story. October 29, This is a one-year award for which Dr. King will be remotely doing some mentoring, collaborative research development, Sex chat rooms Flintside teaching. about Abby C. October 28, A recent editorial in Neurology written by our own Victor Henderson and colleague was published this week.

Access the editorial. October 19, It is with great pleasure that we announce that Dr. Steve is the fifth faculty member in our department to be granted membership, as Julie Parsonnet was elected last year and John Ioannidis, Mark Cullen, and Alice Whittemore are also members. Access the NAM announcement. Read the Stanford Medicine News story.

September 15, September 24, September 14, August 11, Read the whole Stanford Medicine News story. September 25, Access the WSJ story. August 10, Read the full Scope blog post.

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August 14, Access the USA Today story. July 16, July 10, Access the animation. about Our Voice. June 25, Directed by Dr. Victor Henderson and Associate Director Dr.

Sex chat rooms Flintside

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