Sexy sisters story

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Confined to her bed, Milly suffers from a deep sexual trauma resulting from being raped as by a muscular gigo Confined to her bed, Milly suffers from a deep sexual trauma resulting from being raped as by a muscular gigolo Sexy sisters story she had surprised him and her sister in bed. Is Milly incurable, or is that her s Is Milly incurable, or is that her sister left out of their father's will and Molly will be the sole inheritor of his immense Read all.

In. Original title: Die teuflischen Schwestern. Erwin C. Dietrich screenplay. Photos 8. Top cast Edit. Jack Taylor Dr. Charles as Dr. Esther Moser Sarah as Sarah. Kurt Meinicke Joe as Joe. Marianne Graf Maria as Maria. Walter Baumgartner Prof. Sebesky as Prof. Sebesky uncredited. Mike Montana Giglio as Giglio uncredited. More like this. Storyline Edit.

Is Milly incurable, or is that her sister Sexy sisters story out of their father's will and Molly will be the sole inheritor of his immense fortune on her 21st birthday? Edna and her accomplice Dr. Barrios have hatched a plot to have Milly declared insane. Over the years Barrios has been injecting Milly with a drug that Sexy sisters story turned her into a nymphomaniac. Milly's only hope is Joe, the only one of her numerous lovers to have ever succeeded in pleasuring her, who has fallen in love with her.

Will he succeed in rescuing her from Edna and Barrios, and will Milly be able to live a normal life? Nymphomaniac and insatiable in their unquenchable thirst for men - addicted to lust Not Rated. Add content advisory. Did you know Edit. Alternate versions The UK DVD is cut by 1 min 11 secs with heavy edits to the rape of Millie, and references to her enjoyment of this and a childhood rape. Connections Referenced in En busca del polvo perdido User reviews 13 Review.

Top review. Uncle Jess delivers the sleazy goods, once again. Enticing brunette Pamela Stanford plays a countess named Edna von Stein, who prowls after hours clubs for guys she can take home. She frequently picks up guys specifically for the purpose of getting it on with her disturbed younger sister, Millicent Karine Gambierwho is kept chained to a bed.

Among these men is a well meaning dude named Joe Kurt Meinickewho finds himself taken with Millicent. Edna actually has an ulterior motive for treating Millicent the way that she does, however. But to explain it more would also be to spoil it too much. Still, good old Jess Franco doesn't let story get in the way of lots and lots of sex.

People hoping for plenty of full frontal female nudity will get exactly what they wish for. Therefore, this serves its purpose as erotica, and the ladies present are all sufficiently sexy also including Esther Moser as Sarah, and Marianne Graf as Maria. The story that eventually emerges is an entertaining one, but also a familiar one; we've all heard tales like it before.

The performances are acceptable right down the line. Franco regular Jack Taylor is amusing as a slimy doctor, Gambier is rather endearing, and Eric Falk has fun with a small role as a stud hired to pleasure Millicent. Overall, a typical 70s Franco outing, combining pure trash with an artistic sensibility.

Six out of Details Edit. Release date September 2, West Germany. The Devilish Sisters. Elite Film. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 25min. Related news. Oct 9 Entertainment Tonight. Jan 15 shocktillyoudrop. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. What is the English language plot outline for Die teuflischen Schwestern ? Edit. The Most Anticipated Movies of See the full list. Get some picks. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this feature.

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Sexy sisters story

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