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Please review the frequently asked questions below to get the help you need. I typed in the membership ID and the PIN but Sgi dating site system replies that they do not match, can you help? My family members and I share 1 address but we have several membership IDs. How can all of us use the website when we cannot register with the same address?

I changed my address while viewing my in the contributions area but it did not change in the subscriptions area or vice-versa. Can you help me? How do I get my membership card? How do I register? I lost my PIN. How do I access this online E-edition? How can I download issues onto my iPhone or iPad so I can read them when I'm not connected to Sgi dating site internet? How do I access back issues in the e-edition? How can I see my publication Sgi dating site I just placed my order online.

When will my delivery begin? How do I submit a change of address? Can I temporarily suspend delivery? What is your refund policy? What should I do if my publication has not arrived? Where can I find my expiration date? Where can I find my subscriber ID? How can I receive back issues? What happens if I received a damaged issue? I only ordered one subscription but I am receiving duplicate issues.

What should I do? I tried to place an order online, but I received an error message even after various attempts. After checking my banking statement, I have been charged multiple times. Can you credit back the additional charges and just keep the one for my order? How many issues come in an annual subscription? Auto-Renewal Subscriptions. Changing Your Auto-Renew Settings. My check cleared…I mailed it in several weeks ago…I handed it in at the last World Peace Prayer meeting…. Where can I mail my contribution check or money order?

Where can I get more information about different types of financial contributions? Estate planning …. Employer Matching funds…etc…. Why don't my smaller contributions appear on the website? The most common error is that the character you are entering is either alphabetic instead of numeric, or vice versa. Note: If you still cannot register then please. The most common error is that you entered a blank space before the entry. Make sure there is no space between your entry and the beginning of the line.

Each ID must have a unique address. If you need to discuss this further please. Only 1 Membership ID can register on the Web Portal for each address because they are linked and the system will only recognize 1 Membership ID for each address. If you have further questions, then please. The system maintains 2 different addresses for subscriptions and contributions. The address on the contributions portion of the web site will only affect the Contributions address and the same is true for the Subscriptions portion. Please make changes in each respective area.

The we have in our system may not be your current or we may not have an address stored in our system for you. Please. In order to request your membership card, please. You will need your member ID i. The PIN was mailed to you. If you are already registered and are a current subscriber, go to sgiusapublications.

Next, tap on in. In the next screen, username or address and password and tap on in. Tap on Browse. You will now see list of publications available in the PressReader catalogue. Tap on the edition you wish to download. An image of the latest issue of the Living Buddhism or the World Tribune will appear. We recommend turning on Auto-download if you believe that you would like this publication to be downloaded regularly in the future.

The publication will be added to your library and a green progress bar will indicate that it is being downloaded. Do not disconnect from Wi-Fi until this download is complete. For this app to work properly on your mobile device, you have to have had read the online edition at least once from a PC or Mac. Go to portal. The PressReader app offers a pay-as-you-go service to thousands of newspapers through its service called PressDisplay. You won't be charged anything if you never select another newspaper.

But some people find this distracting, so you can always Deauthorize PressDisplay under the Setting section. On your Mac or PC, in at sgiusapublications. The dates in boldface type indicate which issues are available in that month. As a global movement, the Soka Gakkai International supports the development of SGI organizations in more than countries and territories, each with its own unique cultural, political and religious environments. SGI works closely with the leaders of the local organizations to find the best way to disseminate study material and guidance to its membership.

SGI maintains a comprehensive Web site, sgi. While international subscriptions to the printed versions of SGI-USA publications are allowed in limited s, the potential for widespread distribution via the internet makes the E-edition a different case. Go to sgiusapublications. If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox, please select the F11 key to toggle between Fullscreen and the normal screen. E-editions are available immediately. If you also order a print edition, it will be mailed in the next scheduled delivery. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.

Remember to select the edit option and update your subscriptions address, contributions address or both if applicable. Cancel anytime and we will send you a refund for Sgi dating site unmailed issues. You may cancel your subscription by clicking here to send us an e-mail. The U. Post Office does not guarantee the delivery of periodicals mail within a given of days. Delivery time depends on several factors, including where in the United States your publications are being delivered to, mail volume at processing offices between the point of mailing and point of delivery as well as the weather.

We find that delivery can take up to 14 business days. Delivery times vary to different zip codes even within the same city. In some cases, you may have missed an issue because your subscription expired or because the Post Office has returned your publications as undeliverable. When youwe will confirm the status of your subscription and your address. If delivery problems persist, again and we will ask the U. Post Office to place your on Postal Watch to track down the source of the problem.

We also encourage you to notify your local Post Office. Occasionally, we have found that members in an entire district experience delivery problems. You may choose in this instance to write a group letter to the local Postmaster. We understand the frustrations that delivery issues can cause and will work hard to resolve the problem.

It consists of five letters and four s. You will need to provide the name of the publication, the cover date and the of issues you wish to order. When we send Sgi dating site issues, we deduct the issues from the of issues you have remaining on your subscription, and your expiration date will change. This back issue service is available only while supplies last of a particular issue. If this is an isolated event, you can report a damaged issue by clicking here to send us an e-mail.

Sgi dating site

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