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WordPress Theme by Solostream. Online shopping in Bangkok and Thailand vasin February 6, There here is no denying that online shopping is something that everyone in the world uses. Bangkok and all throughout Thailand is no different. It provides a very efficient way to shop and without getting out of the house or getting out of the office. All you have to Shopping online bangkok is go online Shopping online bangkok touch a few buttons and there you will have done your shopping.

How convenient is that? Shopping online in Thailand can be a bit different from the rest of the world because some online stores like Amazon or BH photo or any other western online shops will charge delivery and tax. Sometimes the delivery costs may be higher than the cause of the product. In Thailand there are some shopping sites that provides free delivery or very little delivery costs.

Some items that they sell have the option to pay on delivery. They also let other vendors sell their products on the site. Aliexpress ; is a big online shopping site world wide service with free delivery to Thailand.

Central Online Shopping ; Is a traditional Thai shopping mall that has jumped in the online wagon. Shopee ; Is another site that is similar to Lazada. JD central ; Is another site that is similar to Lazada. The top 3 in this list are quite safe to shop from personal experience.

There are other online shopping sites that you can find some are big that sells everything like sites mentioned above, some are smaller sites thats sells specific product like phones or cloths. Thailand is still behind the the world of online shopping compared to the western countries but it does work and you can definitely do online shopping here; same as gambling. Thailand does not have real casinos yet like many other countries but there is online gambling; like 18bet which can be as convenient as online shopping.

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Shopping online bangkok

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