Should i be single or in a relationship

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You should be single. The internet is filled with dating bloggers, most of whom are single, jotting down their experiences on match. Your local bookstore has its own little section filled with red, pink, and white covers giving you advice on how to make a relationship work.

Shit, all your friends are either talking to someone, dating someone seriously, engaged, or already married with their 2. As if every date, social interaction, and every summer fling should lead to a full blown serious relationship. If any of these s ring a bell, you should be single. Should you stay single forever? No, but you should definitely consider a nice long period of restoration and healing.

Jumping from one relationship to another is usually a of some deeper shit going on. That little bitch knows you better than the self-help books in your local bookstore. Not only are you setting yourself up for relationship doubt, awkward party encounters, and late night. You know what that means? The problem about being with someone and not letting yourself venture toward temptation is that you will inevitably resent your partner for holding you back. This is what they tell you—live your life, travel, fall in love a bunch of times, and try everything once— before you settle down.

You put up with the abuse, the fighting, the stagnant air of death between you, and why? Did you not get the closure you need? A girl who craves that kind of freedom can really ruin even the coolest, chillest, down-to-earth man.

Maybe kiss a few more people, dance along more ro, or celebrate your birthday in nothing but a thong and pasties. You Should Be Single If… 1. Your last relationship ended badly. Your last relationship ended yesterday. You should be single if you have loose ends. You have a wandering eye. You catch yourself being crazy. Your new boyfriend is like your ex. You enjoy freedom. So yeah, you should be single. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on linkedin. Rise into your. Get Access Now. Browse by Category. Blog Heart Hustle Self. Juice Fast Tips and.

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Should i be single or in a relationship

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Why You Should Act Single In A Relationship