Signs your stepdaughter is attracted to you

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I have three young daughters and one stepdaughter who is older. My stepdaughter is always trying to make me look at her. We all get along well, everyone's happy and stuff, but my stepdaughter comes into my room wearing her underwear or really skimpy clothes and she hangs around trying to be grown up. She's only 13 but she can pass for She tones it down when my wife is around. I've told my wife, but she said just ignore her, she'll grow out of it. This is your problem to sort and you'd better sort it quickly, because if anything goes wrong in this situation you'll be completely to blame.

It doesn't matter if this young girl can pass for 18 because she's not 18, she's. You've talked about this with your wife which was wise, but that hasn't actually helped, so you need to be certain of your direction and completely in charge. As the adult you should tell her, "go and get dressed", or, "I'll talk to you in the kitchen", or "wait out of Signs your stepdaughter is attracted to you room, please". This child may be testing her newly-developing adult skills, she may be completely unaware of how she looks and how she's acting, she may be compensating for a situation regarding her real father, she could be trying to prove a point to her step-sisters, or she might be subconsciously trying to get a point across to her mother.

There are any of complex reasons as to why she's acting as you say, but there's one thing for sure: it's not about her liking you in "that way". Don't fool yourself for one minute that she's flirting with you in an adult sense. If you avoid the word flirting, it will help you keep your head straight. Her actions are making her vulnerable and you have a duty to protect her.

She may be craving attention or reassurance so think of ways to acknowledge her maturity, while still keeping you both safe. Your wife has said, "ignore it, she'll grow out of it". I'm not sure that's right. Explain to your wife that life is good and you want the status quo to remain stable and happy. The situation is making you uncomfortable and you intend dealing with it in such a way. Ask for her support and then get on with being the girl's safe, trusted stepdad because that is an honourable, special position.

As one of seven sisters, there aren't many parenting problems she hasn't talked over. She is not a trained counsellor. Her advice is not intended to replace that of a professional counsellor or psychologist. Follow live as the Tokyo Olympics open with a one-of-a-kind ceremony My stepdaughter is flirting with me.

Mary-anne ScottDec 14 A stepdad needs to keep his stepdaughter safe and trusting.

Signs your stepdaughter is attracted to you

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