Silent dating in london

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Despite not having a revelation of biblical proportions I still got the chance to mentally prepare myself for two hours of potentially awkward stares. I was about to plunge in head first into the largely untested waters of silent dating, the latest in a series of outlandish events aimed at creating a real, unspoken connection between people. I took off the over-sized Belle and Sebastian t-shirt I had been wearing all day and substituted it with a denim shirt which was making a long-awaited comeback. Clearly talking had been going so well for me to the point where I was heading out to a silent dating event.

So, with some optimism, I got on the train to Clapham to meet 40 other single Londoners who were also looking to find love. After being welcomed by the host Adam, and his fantastic moustache, some of my fears were put to rest. I was still the youngest by some distance but most of the crowd was Silent dating in london in their 20s or early 30s. There was hope. The first would involve some bonding games which ranged from weird to outright bizarre — the second would be the speed dating part.

For the first time in the night I felt awkward as my prudishness was laid bare for all to see — I was rooted to the spot from start to finish. There was some tame kung-fu fighting, dancing and even touching fingers in an ET-phone-home-esque manner. As the ridiculousness escalated I lost count of the of times Adam said that the latest thing we were being asked to do was the most ridiculous thing he would have us doing for the rest of the evening.

Say what you want about it though it worked. After a quick break, during which we were advised to keep silent, I kept schtum. I had to prove wrong the naysayers who doubted I could keep my mouth shut for two hours. The only words that passed my lips throughout this was my drink order at the bar. I was going to need some alcohol in me if I was going to sit down for the next half hour and just stare at people. I reached out with a fist bump, she wanted a high-five. It was a war of ideologies from which we were both too stubborn to back down from.

It was awkward. One girl grabbed my hand and seemed genuinely impressed by it. I am still trying to find out what that was about. Speed dating… but without all the talking. There was some magic to this — I could finally understand what Adam meant when he talked about forming a deep connection without talking. There were some minutes I wished time would stop so I could keep looking whereas others felt like hours dragging on. After it was all over we were told we were welcome to stay behind and talk. There was a huge sigh of relief, but I felt more nervous than ever.

A pretty brunette sauntered over and said how she had been finding the speed dating a bit of a slog, until she came across me result! It took exactly a minute and a total of zero words to be pushed into that area all men want to avoid. Surely that is some kind of record? I ended the evening on a type of triple date at a Be At One nearby. So, what happened next? Fast-forward to two days later. Would you like to get the best stories of the week directly in your inbox? details below to receive weekly updates and opportunities.

First name. You can unsubscribe anytime. Built by Tigerfish. Life Looking for love? I stood looking at the mirror trying to gaze deeply into my own eyes and soul to see if I could find something about myself in there. But at least I was at an advantage — my mum always told me I had big evocative eyes. Related Articles Met Police respond to Wayne Couzens guilty plea Silent dating in london Sarah Everard murder Wayne Couzens ple guilty to the murder of Sarah Everard Met Police appeal to stop summer youth violence amid teen homicide rise Three amazing gift ideas for your partner.

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Silent dating in london

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Shhh! Couples get silent treatment in London's new dating game