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Rewind two weeks prior to that evening when I first saw the advert via a WhatsApp message. When she moved back to Cape Town inshe noticed the lack of opportunities for single Muslims to meet. So, she started this initiative, teaming up with Moulana Dawood Sampson who often hosts Islamic marriage classes. Generally, marriage is serious business - and within the Muslim community, more so. Finding your Muslim prince or princess can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

I eyed the parking lot and saw that more young women and men were arriving. We were greeted by a smiling Muslim woman with a list of names. Right at the back of the hall, there were chairs for mahrams companions. These varied between parents, older brothers and siblings. But there seemed to be very few singles. Were we supposed to find our soulmates here? We found our names and sat down at a table occupied by two young men. We exchanged hushed salaams and smiles before seriously inspecting the complimentary mints on the table.

There were very few people in the hall and everyone either stared at the ground, the table or the ceiling. After what seemed like forever, two other women, along with another man, ed our table. I looked around the room and realised that finally, it had mostly been filled. She introduced the event and welcomed everyone.

After each round, the men would switch tables and the women would remain seated. I felt more at ease because playing games seemed easier than the one-on-one speed dating I had imagined. Shortly, a whistle was blown and round one began. One of the men at our table read out the instructions for the first game. So, we went around the table, sharing this information. Soon, the whistle was blown, and we were greeted by a new set of males and proceeded to Single muslim ladies cape town the same introductory game. This went on for many rounds and soon, everyone seemed to loosen up, including me.

Knowing that everyone in the room was there for the same reason was comforting. Eventually, most of us ignored the games altogether as we shared anecdotes of meetings with potentials that had gone wrong, why we found it so difficult to find a spouse, and our careers.

Many of the singles had impressive careers in engineering, business, politics, media and finances. This makes sense because I found that although none of us were married, many seemed to be married to our careers. The event ran for about two hours and eventually, the MC announced that the speed dating had ended and refreshments would be served. Thanks to a spot of confusion, my cousin and I ended up at the exact same table we started out with. We also had the option to ask the matchmakers to make introductions for us, if we were too shy to do so. Overall, the event felt more like a social club to meet new people.

It's a nice way to meet genuine people, as opposed to online platforms because Single muslim ladies cape town someone in person is a much better way to filter people at the get-go. The next event will be taking place on Saturday, the 6 October at Oaklands high school, Lansdowne. From something new to something borrowed, all the wedding trends and fashion inspo you need for your upcoming nuptials, plus, a peek into real life weddings.

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Single muslim ladies cape town

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