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Combining leadership and classroom skills, F. Hopkins made history as the first teacher or principal at Hampstead Academy, the original name of Mississippi College. Hopkins was deemed a capable administrator and teacher as Hampstead Academy was birthed on a five-acre-acre plot near the Mt. Salus community now Clinton. The school welcomed its first group of students in Single women in Rienzi Mississippi Hopkins, the book says, taught classes in the Mt.

His brief tenure was marked by one ificant change. The first public announcement about the school appeared in April It spoke in glowing terms about F. New York native Daniel Comfort succeeded F. Hopkins, likely in At the prestigious Ivy League school in New Jersey, he studied both literary and theological programs.

Comfort taught ancient languages as a Princeton professor for several years. In addition, he served as an ordained Presbyterian Church minister. But Dr. He moved hundreds of miles south to Kentucky in or where he preached the Gospel.

A throat difficulty made it impossible to carry on his ministerial duties in the Bluegrass State. That illness may have contributed to his move to Mississippi in to land a job as leader of Mississippi Academy. For the rest of his life, he stayed connected with Mississippi College as a teacher, scholar, administrator, board member and Christian philanthropist. He and his wife, Martha Ann Cruzer, stayed busy as parents with four sons and four daughters. During his tenure, MC received loans to construct buildings, obtained gifts from patrons and friends and managed to grow.

Highlighting his administration, two young ladies, Alice M. Robinson and Catherine Hall, received MC diplomas and gold medallions at the first commencement in school history in December About three years later, the town of Clinton population 3, was established in Comfort reed as president on January 1, Following Daniel Comfort's first term toI. Shepherd is listed as principal, but little is known about him.

Shepherd headed the school's Male Department. In Octoberprofessor E. Elliott, an alumnus of Indiana University, was named the MC president. He took over in January and reed in Novemberwith Comfort returning as Mississippi College president until January 1, Alexander Campbell, a Presbyterian minister, succeeded Dr.

Comfort as president. He accepted the offer in January with the understanding that the school would be offered to the Presbyterians. That offer was finalized in April With his leadership, the faculty grew to a half-dozen instructors.

Campbell helped obtain a of donations to enhance the school library. The collections were so numerous, it required the Masonic Lodge to give up room the group utilized in the college building. Campbell continued to serve on the MC Board of Trustees during his presidency. In JuneRev. Robert McLain, a professor of mathematics and natural philosophy, was elected president pro tempore.

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He served just one year, with Daniel Comfort returning to the presidency in Simeon Colton was selected MC president following splits in the Presbyterian church across Mississippi. The Fayetteville, North Carolina minister was inaugurated July 30, His inauguration speech dwelled on the purpose and process of education. He emphasized adequate time for learning, hard work, personal discipline and a solid foundation of moral and religious principles.

Blaming church conflicts and the lack of financial support, Colton reed in late July and returned to accept a position in North Carolina. The Rev. Consider Parish took office as president on July 29, There were four A. A selection panel from the board replaced those connected with the Presbyterian Church and Rev. Parish reed as president. Mississippi College battled a financial crisis, but never closed its doors during the turbulent Civil War years.

Single women in Rienzi Mississippi the early s, the War Between the States provided the biggest challenge facing the administration of President Isaac N. The Pennsylvania native led Mississippi College from through Urner guided the school during its first session under new Baptist leadership.

Urner prioritized repairs to buildings and equipment, mostly with borrowed money. Enrollment gains were priorities, too. Byenrollment grew to students to make Mississippi College the largest college in the Magnolia State. Mississippi College student s topped levels at all but two of 21 Baptist colleges nationwide. During the Civil War, Confederate and Union armies moved throughout the Clinton area and onto bloody battlefields in nearby Vicksburg. At Mississippi College, the Mississippi Rifles was the name of the fearless college students, faculty and citizens marching off to battles in Northern Virginia.

Few returned home. On the Clinton campus, buildings became hospitals for wounded troops, including those of Northern Gen. Ulysses S. Southern schools like MC stood on the brink of financial ruin.

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Deteriorating campus buildings badly needed repairs. President Urner felt the impact and received no salary during the war years. Urner returned to his native Pennsylvania where he died in Succeeding Urner, the Rev. Walter Hillman faced enormous challenges, but received little compensation. He continued to hold a second job as president of the Central Female Institute in Clinton.

There were just two MC freshmen and nine preparatory students on campus. By his final year, there were students enrolled. His father was a sea captain in the whaling business. The Baptist college needed a math and science professor, and led Urner to contact Brown officials. He and his wife, Adelia, formed a splendid team. She accepted a faculty position at the Central Female Institute in Clinton.

Webb accepted the job on the Clinton campus after working as an MC instructor and pastor at local churches in Clinton and Brandon. A native New Yorker reared in a Baptist home with 13 other siblings, Rev. Webb possessed presidential experience before taking the reins at Mississippi College. Webb helped the Baptist college survive tough times when economic conditions across the United States skidded to a low ebb. Enrollment grew to students during his final year in office.

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The Latimer-Webb Hall was later built and named in his memory. The residence hall was also named as a tribute to his son-in-law, Murray Latimer. Another campus facility, the Latimer House, was acquired by the college in It serves as a frequent gathering spot for alumni and overnight guests.

The Latimer House today remains one of the enduring legacies of the Webb administration. Born in Georgia inhis family moved to Arkansas about 20 years later. Inwith only 75 cents in his pocket, the Baptist gentleman rode a mule from Camden, Arkansas to Clinton, Mississippi to enroll at Mississippi College. Five years later, R. Venable graduated No. The following year, he married Fannie Webb, daughter of President Webb. After two years of teaching in Arkansas and Mississippi, Rev.

Single women in Rienzi Mississippi

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