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NIMA offers the latest advanced aesthetic procedures on the market. These treatments tighten, lift and rejuvenation the skin while using the most state-of-the-art technologies. Our injectors are national trainers and skilled in assessment and application technique for all areas of the face for desired. Neurotoxin and dermal filler treatments are a simple and effective way to minimize s of aging. This is one of the most popular treatments available to permanently remove stubborn pockets of Spa south jordan utah fat.

This procedure safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin. This treatment offers ificant and visible in treatments. NIMA utilizes all current laser technologies in order to give you the very best treatment. Our technologies allow us to select the right treatment for you to give you the safest and most effective treatment. We are able to treat all skin types and all body areas.

NIMA chemical peels range from mild to aggressive. Chemical peels are one of the best anti-aging treatments and benefit your skin numerous ways. You will leave NIMA feeling pampered and refreshed! A luxurious student spa located in South Jordan, UT. We offer the same incredible medical aesthetic services that you will find in highend medical spas, using the same equipment and same effective product lines, at drastically reduced prices. Absolutely, yes. We offer these types of services at both of our spa locations.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Advanced Aesthetics Services. Hydrafacial Put your best face forward by getting the Hydrafacial treatment! This gentle exfoliating treatment will unclog pores with a massaging suction. You will leave this treatment with glowing, moisturized skin. You receive all the amazing benefits of the Hydrafacial, but with the added bonus of boosting serums to give you exceptional.

Microneedling Amazing treatment to tighten, lift, and rejuvenate. It is effective in minimizing fine lines, wrinkles, pores and Spa south jordan utah the appearance of stretch marks and scars while improving the texture and tone of the skin. Microneedling Plus Gel Peel Take your microneedling to the next level by adding a gel peel.

With the addition of a chemical peel, you will receive a more invigorating and enhanced result of the skins texture, clarity, and overall brightness. Microneedling Plus Vitalize Peel This combo treatment is best for helping to clear acne, lighten hyperpigmentation, exfoliate skin and smooth texture. Microneedling Plus Rejuvenize Peel This is the most aggressive of our combo treatments. This treatment is recommended for clients who have ly had chemical peel and microneedling treatments. With stronger active ingredients you will receive amazing with hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and smoothing texture.

Botox Spa south jordan utah used to remove wrinkles by temporarily relaxing the movement of the muscle therefore eliminating the wrinkles the movement causes. last months. Treatments are quick and there is no downtime. Dysport is used to remove wrinkles by temporarily relaxing the movement of the muscle therefore eliminating the wrinkles the movement causes. Dermal Fillers There are a variety of uses for fillers such as lip augmentation, jaw sculpting, cheek augmentation, scar correction, etc.

Our skilled injectors will give you the best treatment possible. Laser Skin Rejuvenation. Sublime Skin Contouring Is saggy skin bringing you down? This laser treatment creates heat in the skin to stimulate the cells to rejuvenate the skin, making it firmer.

Venus Skin Contouring Kiss that cellulite goodbye! This treatment uses radio frequency to reduce the appearance of cellulite, wrinkles and tightens skin. IPL Photofacial The perfect treatment for sun damaged skin! The IPL dramatically reduces the appearance of freckles, sun spots, and rosacea. You will see dramatic improvement of skin texture, tone, tightening, pore reduction and fine lines after this treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Never shave again! This treatment is one of our most popular laser treatments. Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted body hair. NIMA offers a variety of facials to relax and address an array of skin concerns. Lastly they will apply a customized masque and nutrient rich moisturizer. The combination of alpha hydroxyl acids, skin balancing and exfoliating ingredients will give you a more youthful appearance of texture and tone.

This treatment will target and improve breakouts, uneven complexion, blackhe and excessive oil. Starting with a deep pore cleansing and ending with a neck and shoulder massage. This will lift tissues, tone facial muscles, improve circulation, hydrate, and revitalize skin. We have three different types of microdermabrasion to customize your skins treatment for the most effective outcome. Deed to improve superficial fine lines, hyperpigmentation and the first s of aging.

Even the most sensitive skin will benefit from a dermasound treatment. Immediately after your skin will feel supple and regenerated. The combination of dermasound technology to sanitize the skin and a Salicylic peel will help to clear minor imperfections and help prevent future break out for a healthier appearance of your skin. This peel combined with a masque infused with Vitamin C, will help your skin to feel more firm while increasing cellular turnover to remove dry skin cells leaving only a luminous appearance.

Lactic This skin brightening Lactic Acid Peel provides excellent peeling action while moisturizing, healing and protecting the skin. This peel is great for treating hyperpigmentation. Glycolic Get anti-aging powerful skin rejuvenation by combining Glycolic and Lactic Acids. Infused with Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Ginseng, Orange Blossom, and other botanicals, this peel enhances skin appearance by minimizing fine lines and stimulating cell turnover.

Salicylic Great solution for acne prone skin! This peel will oxygenate the skin and detoxify the pores while absorbing excess oil. This peel is light and refreshing with five berries including Cranberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Bearberry. Chocolate A wonderful combination of Lactic Acid, natural extracts of cocoa and acai berry. A powerful antioxidant combined to deliver anti-aging skin restorative benefits. Brightening Our most gentle peel! This one-hour therapeutic peel deed to produce effective exfoliation, deep cleansing, stimulation toning and supreme hydration.

Pigment Balancing The perfect peel to improve the health and tone of your skin. This is deed to lighten and brighten pigmentation. These are used for improvement and control of pigmentation, wrinkles and acne. Advanced Corrective This peel dramatically diminishes the appearance of discoloration, while smoothing texture and refining the appearance of pores. You will have a brighter, more clarified skin tone. Vitalize Ideal for anti-aging, melisma, sun damaged, and acne prone skin. The Vitalize Peel contains a Spa south jordan utah blend of ingredients to help rejuvenate the skin.

Rejuvenize This peel combines resorcinol, lactic, salicylic, and retinoic acid offering dramatic improvement in texture and tone. Body Services. Our relaxing back treatment involves a deep pore cleansing and steam to lift impurities, followed by gentle extraction, a relaxing massage and a specialized treatment masque.

This relaxing treatment is for the entire body. Natural hot stones retain temperature to enhance your relaxation, unlock tension within the muscles and relieve stress. This exfoliating polish is an invigorating and cleansing treatment that leaves skin feeling smooth and radiant. The polish is followed by a refreshing moisturizer to leave your skin glowing. The peel is applied to the back, arms, legs, hands, and chest. This is perfect for clients with blemishes, pigmentation, acne scars, ificant sun damage, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.

Spa south jordan utah

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