Stetson hats dating

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Discussion in ' Hats ' started by jimmy the lidSep 26, Want to buy or sell something? Check the classifieds New Posts Classifieds. The Fedora Lounge. Sep 26, 1. Messages: 5, I have always thought that a dedicated thread illustrating various Stetson liners would be an extremely useful tool in helping to date vintage Stetson lids.

I think it's hard to draw bright lines as to what particular years any given liner was in use, since I would bet that there was plenty of overlap along the way. That being said, I think it would be extremely useful to provide photos of liners where we have some reasonable degree of certainty as to the date of the lid itself i. The end result will be a kind of field guide that will provide photos of liners that can be tied to particular points in time. So, when someone acquires a vintage lid, they could scroll through this thread to compare their liner to the liners featured here.

Of course, there will be other factors to consider like price, sweatband, style, etc. I also think it might be useful to show a photo of the Stetson logo on the sweatband in conjunction with any particular liner, since the combination of liner and sweat may help to zero in on a particular time period. Any other details i. Come to think of it, providing a photo of the size tag, as well, will really help to provide a fairly comprehensive set of info! Here's one to get things started -- a Royal Stetson Week-Ender. This one is from the johnnyphi auctions, so we know that, at the latest, it dates to the late 40s.

The liner tag itself re: "The lining in this hat is rayon satin of celanese yarn. Finally, the red ribbon running under the crest in the logo contains the phrase "American Manufacture. M Hatman likes this. Sep 26, 2. Messages: 14, Thanks Jim.

I can already tell this will be a most useful thread! Sep 27, 3. Thanks, Rusty. Note that this lid also features a liner seam at the side of the hat Stetson hats dating the rearas well as the "celanese yarn" tag. Although it is hard to see in these photos, the red ribbon running under the crest in the logo contains the phrase "American Manufacture.

Sep 27, 4. I think it's reasonable to conclude that this lid therefore dates to the ish timeframe. The liner protector is plastic. While the de of this logo is the same as that in the Royal DeLuxe posted above, note that the Royal DeLuxe as well as the early 40's Royal Stetson features a fairly distinctive use of bright gold in the logo that is gone by This particular feature may wind up being useful in terms of dating. For example, once we see a wider variety of liner logos, it may be possible to say that logos using the bright gold are more likely to indicate a lid from the 40's this kind of conclusion will be refined as we go.

We'll see Sep 27, 5. Messages: This is my first contribution to the board and I do not know how to use it yet. The Royal Stetson de shown in the first pictured above was featured in an advertisement for Young's Hat shops in the New York Times on November 16, on In addition, at Young's your Stetson carries a Kushon-Fit leather that conforms to the oval of your head. The Royal Stetson is presented in two weights: the 'Fallweight. So this logo spanned at least from to and perhaps longer. I have noticed that advertisements in the New York Times are very informative. They are not as nice looking as advertisements in major magazines like Life, but they appeared several times a month and privide a great deal of dated information.

Sep 27, 6. Welcome to the Lounge, Don. Thanks for the info. I'm not sure I have ever heard of a Stetson "Concourse. So, if the logo in your Concourse matches exactly to the first post in this thread, then it appears that the use of this logo may have extended into the early 50's. Does your liner have any sort of protective covering? A choice of 25 different hatbands? OK, that's pretty interesting. Also interesting that, from a marketing standpoint, the lightweight Stetsons were compared to the European felts like Borsalino, I imagine.

Cheers, JtL. Stetson hats dating 27, 7. On closer inspection of my Consourse, it appears that the gold has been replaced with a greenish brown in logo. The top of the liner has a clear, shiny plastic protection. Sep 27, 8. Whippet Liners So, here's an example of how the "field guide" approach may come in handy The first couple of photos below are from a Whippet for which I have no date. Note that, in terms of color and de, the logo mirrors the early 40's Royal Stetson logo in the first post in this thread. The liner has the protective oil silk covering.

The size tag is identical to the tag appearing in the Royal DeLuxe posted above. Putting all of this together, I think it's fair to say that this is an example of a 40's Whippet liner I'd probably peg it at mid to late 40's : Now, here is another Whippet for which I have no date. Notice the difference in the appearance of the logo. The liner protective covering is plastic. Sep 27, 9. This last Royal Stetson logo shown on the Whippet is itentical to the one in my Concourse that dates from There are no other advertisements for the Whippet from through at least Sep 27, I'm not sure I can be any help, but here's what I've got.

My OR has a peachy colored liner that I am sure is pretty common. It has a brown sweat and it's my understanding that this puts it before a certain date, but I don't know what that date is. It's labeled as a "Royal Deluxe Stetson. Sep 28, Photos of Johnnyphi Stetson Liners I went through and "tagged" all of the Stetson liners on my Photobucket album, so you can view all of the liners at the same time, in the same place. All of the Johnnyphi Stetsons date back to or earlier.

I hope this helps. Fantastic, johnnyphi. Thanks for putting all of that together! Oct 16, I just got the following Imperial Stetson and wanted to try to date it based on the liner. It looks alot like the early to mid s Royal Weekender liner with the use of gold, the American Manufacture in the red ribbon and no protective cover over the center logo.

However, the liner seam is at the back and the sweatband might be a bit wider. I would appreciate any opinions as to the age of my hat. Many thanks to jimmy the lid for starting this thread!! Just Daniel likes this. Oct 17, Messages: 1, I would say 40's also. But I'm unsure if it's late or early 40's. Thank you for the response! My wife says the hat matches my personality. She refuses to elaborate so I'm not sure how she meant that? By the way, you look very dapper in your avatar now that you've substituted the bowler. Based on this information, my Whippet is from the mid-to-late 40's, yes?

My liner, though, Stetson hats dating the matte finish on the crown part of the liner instead of the glossy. Stetson Ivy League and thanks to Lefty I can say it is from the mid of the 50s. I will make later a bigger pic of the liner and post it here.

But I think you can see it is similiar to the one from the whippet above. Messages: 4, It the same as the liner of yours in post 3 of Stetson hats dating thread with the oil silk cover, Stetson hats dating my hat has the seam in the back. Show Ignored Content. Share This Tweet. Your name or address: Do you already have an ?

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Stetson hats dating

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