Sticky female orgasm

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Basically, my boyfriend and I were in bed. He was going down on me while simultaneously fingering me. When he was doing that I felt like something was going to be released but I thought it would be squirting. My body did become a little tensed up and my muscles felt stuck. When we finished having intercourse, he said that there was some liquid that has flown down my vagina. He thought it was cum. I have a history of white discharge, but this one seemed a lot more liquidy. Could you help me out? Although the physiological and emotional responses associated with an orgasm vary from person to person, an orgasm is associated with contraction of pelvic floor muscles the muscles located under the uterus, bladder and bowelintense pleasurable sensation, and the release of hormones, endorphins, or fluid.

Some people experience altered states of consciousness, changes in breathing or heart rate, or feelings of warmth. Therefore, the sensation of tense and tightened muscles you described could have been an orgasm! As mentioned, orgasm may or may not be accompanied by the release of fluid. The G-spot is a sensitive area behind the front wall of the vagina located between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix.

When stimulated with penetration of a penis, fingers, or other object, some women report a gush of fluid rushing from the urethra. The fluid is generally odorless and can be clear or milky. During arousal, an increase in blood flow to the genital area pushes fluid to the surface of the vaginal walls. This lubrication allows Sticky female orgasm smoother penetration of the vagina. For clitoral stimulation with the mouth, be sure to use a dental dam to lower risk of transmission of sexually transmitted infections STIs. For stimulation of the G-spot via penile penetration, use a condom as a physical Sticky female orgasm method for STI and pregnancy prevention, or other form of birth control to prevent pregnancy, if you know your partner has tested negative for STIs.

If you have further questions or want to learn more about sexual health in general, you can make an appointment online with a sexual health provider through MyUHS. Dear Sexpert, Basically, my boyfriend and I were in bed.

Sticky female orgasm

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