Street terms for marijuana

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There may not be another drug Street terms for marijuana the planet with more euphemisms than marijuana. Many cultures have used marijuana for centuries, which has led to a of nicknames and street names for this drug. You may not recognize some of these names, as terms for marijuana vary according to geographical location and across age groups. No matter what you call it, marijuana is a drug and, as such, can be addictive. Use of marijuana can lead to the use of other drugs, especially if the individual begins to seek a stronger high or procures marijuana from a supplier of other substances.

You may recognize a of the most common or popular terms for marijuana used on the street today. Nicknames like weed, pot, dope, grass, reefer, herb, and Mary Jane have been used for decades and continue to enjoy a certain amount popularity. Other words like Aunt Mary, gangster, boom, ganja, skunk, or kif are also often heard across age groups.

Just like all plants, marijuana comes in a variety of types, and each of these types has its own street name. Most of these terms are derived from their geographical region of origin. Some of the most popular include:. Depending on your neighborhood or world region, you may hear any of culturally specific terms for marijuana. Some of these include:. There are almost as many ways to use marijuana as there are names for the drug itself. Usually, users smoke it by rolling it into a cigarette called a t, spliff, bone, nail or, when smoked down to the end, a roach.

Others use a glass pipe or a water pipe called a bong and smoke it that way. Still others mix it with food and eat it especially brownies or steep it like tea and drink it. A popular form of smoking marijuana is the blunt. Blunts are made by taking a cigar, cutting it open and replacing the tobacco inside with marijuana. Many people combine marijuana with other drugs inside the blunt, and when this happens, the name changes yet again. Blunts made of marijuana and dipped in PCP may be referred to as dust, wets, tical, wicky sticks or happy sticks. Lace the marijuana with opium and roll it up in a blunt or a t and it may be called a Thai stick.

Communication about amounts of marijuana are often coded due to the fact that people generally need to discuss how much they are going to buy without being caught. Here are some terms associated with the use of marijuana that refer to the amount:. If you or someone you love is addicted to marijuana, Skywood is available to help treat that addiction with compassion. Our sprawling estate in Peace Street terms for marijuana just outside of Malibu is fully equipped with a of evidence-based therapies that treat the multiple facets of marijuana addiction.

If you have questions about the nature of marijuana addiction treatment or the facilities here at Skywood Recovery, today at Search Go. General Terms for Marijuana You may recognize a of the most common or popular terms for marijuana used on the street today. Other popular general terms for marijuana include: Buds Nuggets Blaze Tobacco. Cultural Terms for Marijuana Depending on your neighborhood or world region, you may hear any of culturally specific terms for marijuana. All calls are private and confidential.

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Street terms for marijuana

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