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This is a tricky one for me. Yes and no…. Without sex becoming a major factor or issue? There is no distinction between a friend and sex buddy, they usually fall in the same category, friends are there for emotional benefits as well as sexual benefits. One wants to dip their fingers in the cookie jar and expect no feelings to appear. Is this Stud want friends smart way of thinking? Without communication this can become a very messy situation, a lot of us prefer to bury our he in the sand and hope these feeling will somehow evaporate.

However I do think that Butches and Femmes can be friends without sex or relationship stuff becoming an issue but it takes mature people to make the friendship work. How do you know if you are just friends!? Well from a femmes prospective she will probably tell you about the fabulous stud she had a thing with.

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If she saw you as a potential lover or sex partner she would want you to think that you are the one and only so basically her telling you about her latest conquests means you are definitely stuck at 42 Friend Zone Lane. Just stay there! One thing I have picked up on is Stud want friends when studs and femmes cross that line between friendship and a relationship when one wants more. One of these usually happens. This usually happens really slow, they eventually drift apart, one becomes more distant, they talk less then boom no more friendship.

You know those people that try and place you in the middle! Those are toxic! Stay away from those ones. If sexual tension and emotional feelings develop. Get it out in the open! Discuss it with the other person, you never know maybe you are meant to be more than just friends?

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Notify me of new posts via. Home About. LezTimes Talk about stereotypes, rant about foolishness we witness on the lesbian scene. This isn't only for lesbians but also for those who may be questioning their sexuality. Some posts may be serious, others may be a bit lighthearted fun. Stay updated via RSS. Stud and Femme just friends!? Posted: January 9, in Uncategorized Tags: femmejust friendsstud.

One of these usually happens 1 Either they get together 2 The friendship goes straight to shit!! Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. required Address never made public.

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Stud want friends

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