Summer camp music festival security

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Also called…. We have Level 2 Texas Security. That enables us to get a Security job for the Festival that is on Memorial Day weekend. This event is now the host of more than 20, attendees, from young children to 80 year olds and over bands on nine stages over three days four if you make it to the Thursday Pre-Party! It is organized and run by Jay Goldberg Productions. It is an awesome, mindboggling festival that you will never forget.

It is like revisiting Woodstock from years ago. We so enjoyed our selves last year that we decided to do it again. I contacted Tina in the Security Dept and set us up again for this year. This year was easy as they knew us.

The easiest way to work is to stay on the grounds. The shifts are for 12 hours. We pulled in on Tue and were guided into the Security compound. Wednesday our shifts began. I like days, and Rich likes nites. This is my set up. A comfy chair, clip on umbrella for the sun.

My back pack from the cruise, complements of Get Out Their Vacations. It contained my cell phone, extra external battery. A roll of toilet paper for emergency…. Most of the time we were given a walkie talkie. I was positioned back in VIP again. Summer camp music festival security Vip tent was the New Glamping Set up.

These tents came with full set up. You could choose your bed, single, 2 twins, or queen with linens. They had electric and contained a lamp, a throw rug, and a chair or 2. Now the prices was exorbitant. All Glamping tents were sold out. This time I was positioned to watch the line up for the gates to open. Their were thousands of them lined up all over the park at different entrances. They were all ready to begin partying. Finally the gates opened. You can see them on the hillside.

They looked like ants scurrying up the hill into the forest. Now they were also searched as they went in. The Guards were looking for drugs, firearms, and weapons of any sort and alcohol. So much was confiscated. Rich was up by the Main Gate where he was last year. He was near the main search area. They found so much stuff. Of course not only the Security was their, the cops were also. Their was also a Task Force of Undercover Officers. They showed me their badges to get through one of the gates I was on. The music would start in the morning around It would revolve around all the stages in the park.

Here is some of the props they had. Almost anything would go. Many hula hoops, and different type of banners. They would hold them high and dance to the music. Some of the out fits……. Lets just paint and decorate with sequins, our body parts!!! Now I seen this guy last year. I hear he attends every year looking like this. He is not a young man, nor physically fit. This stage, Moonshine, is the only permanent stage in the Park. They all congregate, enjoy the concert, dance and sing, and then disperse to the next venue they want to see. The day is never ending with music through out the park.

This is one of the large stages brought in. At night the colors were beautiful. Music continued till 4am somewhere every nite. Our Security Compound was behind one of the stages. When I went to bed at nite, the music shook the windows in the MH. And I mean they rattled. Kitty was with us, but he actually did pretty good. He must have remembered from last year…. Many of the kids were back up early Summer camp music festival security the morning, but many were slow. Their tents and hammocks were strung all around in the forest areas.

In the mornings I seemed to be down by VIP everyday. Across from VIP was some food stands. They would come staggering in to buy breakfast and coffee. They were such a mess from the nite before. Hung over or what ever. Portable showers and bathrooms were placed all over the park.

Always full of people. The trucks were constantly driving around pumping out the pottys. Here is another crazy costume. Finally it was Monday. Park closed at 12 noon. Well they try, but it never works. All the kids know that.

In the morning the security, and officers start going through the park waking everyone up and telling them to leave. They come stumbling out the gate. We seen many who could hardly walk. They packed up the things the best they could. So much stuff is left. Security goes through again tearing down all tents. Making sure all people are gone. They also go through bag and consolidate all the trash. I was at the main gate as they were leaving. It was my job to not let them back in. They were hitchhiking.

Another had their nephew leave them. They lived in Ohio, 2 states away. Imagine that. They hitched a ride with some lighting people. They were going to Indiana. Then someone was going to met them and pick them up from their. Another mother lived Summer camp music festival security hour away. She dropped her daughter off on Friday. She told her to meet her at the main gate Monday morning.

She waited and waited. She hitched a ride. I would have been just steaming mad…. How can a girl do that, hitchhike, and not tell her mom where she was until she got home. She know her mom was their waiting. Their were many cases for the ambulances to take care of. They had a full staff of medical their for all issues. The worst case was a 36 year old man took a hit of acid in the wee hours of the morning. He walked down to the highway which must be a half mile, was naked and walked in front of a car.

Summer camp music festival security

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summer camp music festival security