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Share this obituary. Our Mother choose to write her own obituary to "make it easier for all of us to turn the final in the wonderful life we have all had together. I was born on August 16, at the Wells family Sundance WY married but looking in Alva, Wyoming. My Father named me Rose Zella and always insisted I be called by both names. I roamed the hills and had playhouses in the sandstone wallrocks that almost surrounded the town. I spent many hours in the little cemetery on the hill above town tending graves, visiting with the grandparents I really never knew.

Those were tough years, the aftermath of the depression, grasshoppers, and Mormon crickets taking over the country- side, the drought with the creek and wells going dry, lots of dust and just as we were recovering from all that World War II came along and we suffered through shortages, rationing and all the hardships and heartaches of war. Time came to go to High School and I started in Belle Fourche but there wasn't money to pay rent or board and I was too bashful to work out so I came home and went to Hulett to school.

My Dad put a little cabin on the land he owned and I batched until he got the house built and moved the rest of the family. I did not want to go to school. Being raised in the country atmosphere of the little town of Alva and being free roaming and a little shy, I kicked myself all the way to school the first day. But when I walked into the classroom I saw this guy in a brown plaid shirt look at me and I knew he would be the love of my life.

After graduation I married that guy, Richard 'Dickie' Proctor. We lived briefly at Hulett, Alva and in a sawmill shack at Devils Tower. When he got a job with the State Highway Dept. Over 70 years of blessings and happiness with hard work and a few sorrows thrown in. With the first 5 Little Proctors as they were called, I was a stay-at-home Mom. I wrote news items for the Sheridan Press just as my Mother did in the Hulett community.

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Staying at home I cooked and sewed for my family, and when the last one went off to school I went to work for Crook County Abstract Co. At this time a new Court House was built and I was able to de the Assesssor's office. At this time the 6th Proctor appeared and changed a lot in our lifestyle and our household.

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I stayed in this profession for nearly 30 years, becoming a Broker and owning and operating my own office, Black Hills Real Estate. My family came first and we became involved in Boy Scouts, 4-H, and Sundance WY married but looking of school activities, especially wrestling and football. I ed the Rebekah Lodge where I was a regular member for nearly 50 years. In I was elected and served as the President of the Rebekah Assembly of Wyoming and traveled all over the state visiting Rebekah Lodges with my faithful traveling companion and chauffeur, Dick.

Retirement posed no problem for me. I sewed, made quilts to give away, and I even wrote and published a book. I spent lots of time digging up family history and did 4 family history books. Because of my love of books I spent a lot of time reading. I served 2 terms on the Crook County Library Board and the Library has played a big part in my life and the lives of my children.

One other love in my life has been music. I was able to learn to play the piano by ear at an early age and spent a lot of time playing for local house parties, dances, school doings, and in later years entertaining at lodge functions and the nursing home. Always there has been music in my home and in my life. Working in the yard, painting the house, what a joy to be able to do those things and stay busy.

Busy people are happy people. Sadness in my life came when both my parents were gone and I realized that I was then the older generation. Our entire family was devastated with the death of Dana Rae in an accident in Now as my time here has come to an end, I would like to let my children and my husband know how very much I love them and how great it was to have all these years with them. To relatives and friends, thanks for being a part of my life also. As per her wishes, she was able to give a last gift as an organ donor skin.

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She was preceded in death by daughter Dana, her parents, brother Harold Wells, Jr. Services are scheduled for P. All are invited to wear purple as that was Rose Zella's favorite color. Online condolences may be written at www.

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Open Google Maps Details. Rose Zella Proctor of Sundance, Wyoming August 16, - March 6, Our Mother choose to write her own obituary to "make it easier for all of us to turn the final in the wonderful life we have all had together. All is well! God Bless. Guestbook Name:. Light A Candle Candle 1. Candle 2. Candle 3.

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Sundance WY married but looking

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