Takarita and swifty dating

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Features Switch to Anchor Blog. in Get started. By Crumpdiddy. I give my two cents on all sorts of life issues and also talk about stories of my life. Listen on Support. Where to listen. Apple Podcasts. Google Podcasts. Pocket Casts.

Fast and Furious 9 mini review spoiler alert. My quick thoughts on the movie. Monday small talk. Lol the iPhone Just talking about the iPhone 12 Pro Max and some of the phones I have used before. Tough times? My advice on this. Mortal Kombat lol. My thoughts on the movie. How to start podcasting.

Today I talk a bit on how to start podcasting for free. Voter I. D is racist? My thoughts on this voter I. My thoughts on the vaccine. Just my thoughts. Self driving cars a ticket to death? Today we help out a listener with his relationship issue. He believes his wife is cheating and needs advice. Hate crimes. Just hear me out. Will Virtual Reality take over the world? Today we talk about why I think VR has the means and potential to dominate the market and replace how view traditional entertainment.

I promised the complete version last year and never got around to it so here it is. Sunday morning mini motivation podcast. Just some Sunday motivation for Monday blues and to start new chapters. Fuck the PS5. Yeah I said it. Remembering Jaysan.

But I love it. The title says it all. The most important podcast I have made. From cancel culture to The CCP. Tips for a healthy relationship. Just some advice on things you can do to maintain a healthy long lasting relationship. More things that annoy me. From social media post trends to Facebook gaming streamers lol. Why I dislike certain cosplayers. Enough said. My step dad. Today I wanna talk about my step dad. Takarita and swifty dating tech lol. Today we talk about the hypocrisy of big tech. How to stop failing at New Year resolutions.

Happy New Year today we talk about why so many people fail at sticking with their New Years resolutions and how to over come that issue. What made me realize. Today we talk about what made realize about self. Things that concern me about social media. Does size matter? Today we talk about the infamous question of whether to size really matter.

The real reason why woman date bad boys. Today a listener asked about why woman date bad boys rather than a good guy. Today we dive into this topic. Today we talk about the end of year and everything we all be through, we talk about PS5 and rebound relationships. Buy Here Pay Here car dealership scams. Today we talk about why buy here pay here car dealerships are scams and also what to look out for when renting an apt.

Kids dealing with Bullying is harsh. Today We talking about Bullying and how kids today I feel have it worse when it comes to bullying. Proof Ghost exist! Today we talk about proof of ghost and how I believe I have it. The 90s the last great decade. Today we are talking about Takarita and swifty dating what made the 90s stand out and memorable. And why everyone was so happy. On todays episode we are talking about the time where back in i went with my friend ralph to see nickelback live and what happened after turned out to be a crazy messed up night involving 2 hookers and a really expensive speeding ticket.

The time I almost died in Alaska. Today we talk about the time me and my friends almost died in Alaska. From snowboarding to hiking it was scary yet worth it. Happy Thanksgiving!! Just a very short shout out from me to you all. Wanna wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you all have a safe and blessed day with friends and family. Should you go all out on the first date? How to reset your life. A lister Sent in this question. Asking how to reset their life despite all the bad things that have happen to them and how they have a very negative outlook on everything in their life.

Read the title. Childhood Trends with special guest Mitch! Today with my one of my best friends Mitch ing us, Me and him are talking about childhood trends we remember as kids going all the way to high school. Be sure to check this out and be sure to share this episode if you remember any of these trends. Be sure to follow us at Facebook. Also leave me some episode ideas or topics you want to be discussed. The people who inspired me. Today we are talking about the people who inspired me and mentored me to be who I am today.

The time a girl who used me got a taste of her own medicine. Today we talk about a time when I went on a date with a girl who thought she can use me for a free meal and games of Billard pool and I walked out and made her pay. You both just swiped right now what.

Today we talk about how to initiate a conversation and how to keep it flowing to where you can score a first date. Black Friday. Is it still the same? Today a listener is asking for some advice. This Takarita and swifty dating taste funny. Today I just wanna step aside real quick and talk about why I feel uncomfortable with this election. Today I am just pissed. Remembering stores from our childhood.

Takarita and swifty dating

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