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Cinematography David M. Viewers that like Walter Matthau in The Taking of Pelham One Two Three should consider checking out this darker and more violent police action show made just the year before, in The 52 year-old actor started by playing villains, moved into interesting character actor territory and had only recently become a leading man in comedies and romantic comedies.

Director Rosenberg twists The Laughing Policeman in a tight knot from the first scene of a massacre on a late night in San Francisco — a man opens fire with a machine gun on a bus, killing eight people. The department swarms the scene and finds no obvious clues — but detective Jake Martin Matthau recognizes one of the dead as his partner, Dave Evans Jake Costello. Styner Anthony Zerbe orders an all-out investigation.

But Martin is difficult because he is truly perturbed. No direct clues show up. Jake and Leo use snitches to learn about arms smugglers that might have provided the machine gun. They finally conclude that Camarero could be the bus killer.

All they can do is take a chance and see if they can provoke him into striking again. He has a terrible home life with kids that barely talk to him, and he all but ignores his wife Grace Shirley Ballard. One shot says everything about the relationship. Jake steps into his unkempt back yard, to get away from Grace. James Larrimore Louis Gossett Jr. He also picks up on The laughing policeman trailer women and has an engaging sense of humor. The best material in the show has Larsen prodding and kidding the sour-faced Martin, trying to get him to talk, to share information.

As in any good cop show, the snitches, drug pushers, prostitutes and other lowlifes form a string of memorable personalities. Detective Evans may have been following this victim when they were both surprised by the killer. The bus killing and wreck happens on a hill, which seems wholly appropriate. Almost as disturbing is a scene where Leo and Jake agree to talk to some gun smugglers without arresting them, to try to get a lead on their killer.

They find that the smugglers have a pickup truck packed with unstable dynamite, just parked in their driveway. Low-key and totally believable, The Laughing Policeman is a very satisfying cop show. The image is sharp but many scenes seem on the light side, with low contrast.

Grain looks natural, with those atmospheric night scenes looking appropriately The laughing policeman trailer. I noticed some dirt on the first reel but not thereafter. The audio is good and the dialogue clear, but Kino provides no subtitles. The main video extra is a rambling discussion with actor Paul Koslo, who has one scene in the movie as a drug pusher who wants to get out of prison and is thus eager to cooperate with Leo and Jake. Much more informative is the audio commentary by a trio of knowledgeable film historians, Eddy Friedfeld, Paul Scrabo and Lee Pfeiffer.

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The laughing policeman trailer

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