Things to make your gf happy

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September 25, 17 min read. Women need to hear as much as they speak, probably more. Just talk about your day if nothing else comes to mind, but do make an effort to really open up about how you feel and what you think. It doesn't matter what the topic is as long as you're proactively communicating. You'll see a world of difference in your relationship when your girlfriend knows that you really talk to her, not talk at her.

Men have become experts at 'appearing to listen' to the women in their lives while all the while the one thought occupying their mind is: 'I wonder what we're having for dinner? She doesn't always want a 'fix' for the issue at hand or even an answer to most questions. Sometimes, she just wants you to listen. That can't be too hard. Or can it? Just give it the old team effort, make your girlfriend happy, and see the relationship bloom to new levels. That's chauvinism, not respect, and it doesn't sit well with most women today.

No, I'm talking about giving her space, trusting her instincts, and treating her like an individual rather than something that adorns your arm at parties. Acknowledge her friends Things to make your gf happy if you don't like some of them. At least, remember their names! Respecting your girlfriend on that level shows here that you consider her to be your equal rather than 'the lesser half' of you. It's a mistake too many men make, so don't. Big mistake. You don't have to love the things she loves; there's no faking here.

What you're trying to do is to put aside your disinterest or even disdain for the things she values and try to look at it from her perspective. In other words, put yourself in her shoes and try to feel what she feels about a particular part of her life. Every opportunity you get, try and buy a little something for your girlfriend.

Does it matter how much you spend? Not in the least. A pretty flower you found, a nice-looking pebble, a photo of something you came across that day The point of it is that a gift represents a sharing of something, and that goes a long way in strengthening any relationship, including your relationship with your girlfriend. What did she ever do to you? Give her a call once in a while and you won't even have to tell your girlfriend about it. She'll know. Dropping in on her parents now and then is also a good idea if you know them well enough.

Heck, you don't even have to like them. Just be nice to them. You do that with your boss every day, right? And Often. And when it's a romantic one, it becomes even more important. Unless you grew up in a gushy, huggy, 'I love you' type of family, you know exactly how hard it can be to tell someone that you love them. But if this relationship is worth anything to you, you'll give it the old college try. Don't try to be Shakespeare and don't shake with fear at the prospect of doing this.

A simple note once in a while saying "you mean a lot to me" or "you're the reason I am what I am" will do. The words aren't important; it's the sentiment that counts. Just don't say "need eggs"! Just her favorite candy and a small bunch of her favorite flowers will do wonders. And if you handpicked the flowers, that's extra points! Spending time just sitting, holding hands, and chatting gives you the opportunity to bond with your girlfriend.

So, the next time you're together, suggest that both of you turn off your phones for 10 minutes and just be in each other's presence. She'll be impressed, I guarantee you, especially if you're not that kind of person.

Most of the time, they just need a sympathetic ear or a shoulder to cry on. But if you know that something's been bugging her for a while, you can definitely try to fix it. There's no law against that, as far as I know.

For instance, if she's having a hard time concentrating on her studies, you can try and set up an exclusive study space for her. It doesn't cost you anything but a little effort, but the effect of that will be tremendous. What's next? Try doing something for her parents without being prompted to. You can buy them tickets to a show you know they'll love and dinner after, and offer to chauffeur them for the night. Or it can be something less elaborate, like fixing that porch light her dad has been meaning to get to for the past three months. Put your aversion aside for a moment and look at it from her perspective.

When she's out with the man she loves or is at least intoshe wants the world to know that he's all hers. Give her that by holding hands in public, for a start. You can then graduate to other things once you get comfortable with the idea.

You might actually like it! She'll see the effort you put in and appreciate it immensely. If you're constantly flying off the handle and, one day, you suddenly start acting a little calmer, she can't help but notice the change. Besides, it's good for you, too.

This is not just for your girlfriend but life in general. Nobody trusts a person who says one thing and does something else on a consistent basis. So, build your trust by building your reputation as a promise-keeper. It applies to simple things as well as the big things in life. If you say you'll call her at 4 pm, don't call her at 4. And if you do mess up occasionally, do If you screwed up, say you're sorry and mean it. In order words, apologize and try not to repeat that.

We're not perfect so nobody expects you to never, ever do that again. You will. But the least you can do is try and make an effort not to make a promise if you're not sure you can keep it. An "I'll try to be there" might not go down as well as an "I'll be there" when you're in the moment, but it will save you a lot of pain when you're actually not there. Don't be that guy. Listen to her point of view and try to appreciate where she's coming from.

Valuing another person's opinion doesn't mean agreeing with them; it just means you're respecting their views as much as you respect yours. You can always agree to disagree. Just zip your lip and stay tuned until you get to know the storyline and a couple of characters.

Then, when she's talking about the show over dinner, you can bring up an interesting point you noticed about the show or a particular character. It has to be something positive. The effect will be a mix of surprise and pleasure, especially if she knows how much you hate that show. But, you know, there's something worse than hating what she loves, and that's being indifferent to it.

Avoid that as much as you can by at least learning something about the topic in question. The whole idea of a road trip or even taking long drives is that you can talk without constant eye contact. Did you know that the reason psychiatrists sit beside the patient rather than in front of them is Things to make your gf happy allow the patient to open up? The non-confrontational nature of just the two of you being in a car together can have that same effect, allowing both of you to open up to each other. Try it and see. I don't mean a short drive within the city - take the highway and see where it le you.

Figuratively, I mean. I guarantee you'll love the journey. Sharing things makes the relationship more personal and deepens it. Even toddlers share their stuff with people they are drawn to. Of course, that might be the all-day sucker they just dropped on the carpet, but sharing is sharing. There are a of ways to show loyalty to a person, such as being monogamous, being nonjudgmental, supporting her views even if you don't agree with them, forgiving her for things she's done, and so on.

The more loyalty you give, the more you'll get back. That's the way it usually works. The longer you know each other, the less focus you have on Things to make your gf happy like going out on a formal date. Make that happen, even if it's just once a month.

She has to know that you acknowledge her contribution to keeping you together, which is often greater than the portion men tend to contribute toward a relationship with their girlfriend. If you aren't living together, make a dish and bring it to her. There's no dearth of YouTube videos and food blogs that show you step-by-step methods to make practically anything. If you've never cooked before, try something simple, to begin with. Hugging your girlfriend when she doesn't see it coming brings on an unexpectedly warm feeling that can strengthen your bond and deepen your affection for each other.

That's especially true if you've been together a long time and have started taking her for granted - there's that respect angle again.

Things to make your gf happy

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